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Deloitte Global Insights podcast series

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Deloitte Global Insights is a regular audio news podcast series that focuses on issues that impact the business community worldwide. Programs take a cross-border view of topics like globalization, technology, talent, sustainability, corporate responsibility, innovation, and much more.

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Healthcare and the future (06:32)
Healthcare reform in the U.S. is reaching a new level of maturity, with a growing realization that reform is here to stay. At this important juncture, what can we ascertain about how reform will transform the healthcare market in the US? Hear from Reynold W. (Pete) Mooney, DTTL Global Leader, Life Sciences & Health Care and Homi Kapadia, US Life Sciences Sector Leader as the discuss the future of health care in the U.S.

Value-based pricing and reimbursement (07:15)
A political debate in the U.S. over drug pricing was recently unleashed related to new treatments for conditions like Hepatitis C. This led to greater scrutiny of drug pricing in the U.S. from payers, politicians and the public. With the use of such high price specialty drugs expected to rise, and pressure to curtail costs increasing, drug companies are under pressure to show value for their products. Reynold W. (Pete) Mooney, DTTL Global Leader, Life Sciences & Health Care and Homi Kapadia, US Life Sciences Sector Leader debate how life sciences companies can survive and thrive in this value-based world.

M&A and beyond (09:37)
Some might conclude that M&A activity has become the dominant force shaping the industry. M&A, however, is just one way forward. Companies are embracing a variety of approaches including investments in emerging markets, collaborations and partnerships, including with new players outside the healthcare sector in their quest for growth. What forces have been driving M&A, and are they hear to stay? Reynold W. (Pete) Mooney, DTTL Global Leader, Life Sciences & Health Care and Homi Kapadia, US Life Sciences Sector Leader discuss the topic in more detail.

Digital health and cyber security (10:21)
Health apps and access to your private health information are proliferating. At the same time, there is a heightened risk of cyber-attack compromising the availability, integrity and confidentiality of this information. Listen to Gregory Reh, DTTL Global Sector leader for life sciences and life sciences consulting leader for Deloitte Consulting LLP in the United States, and Jennifer Malatesta, advisory leader for life sciences for Deloitte & Touche LLP in the in the United States discuss as they discuss considerations of cyber security and privacy impacting the digital revolution in healthcare.

Preparing the accountants of tomorrow, part I (18:30)
Preparing the accountants of tomorrow, part II
In today’s increasingly global economy, the task of preparing the next generation of accounting professionals is more challenging than ever. Educators need to provide the link between local and global developments to help their students excel. To further those efforts, Deloitte, in conjunction with the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER) launched the Deloitte IAAER Scholarship Program. Now approaching its third year, the program supports promising educators in five emerging regions. Listen to these podcasts to learn more about the program. 

U.S. Health care reform: Recalibrating roles and relationships across the healthcare value chain (16:24)
Listen to the podcast, featuring Deloitte life sciences and health care industry leaders discussing the 2014 Financial Times U.S. Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference topics. What has been the impact of reform to date on the life sciences industry in the U.S. and the key learnings? How can the potential of mobile health be harnessed to make a real and tangible impact on health costs and transformation? Pay-for-performance reforms in the U.S. are taking hold but what uncertainties remain?

New businesses, new markets: How will the life sciences industry rise to the challenge? (22:16)
On 3-4 December 2013, over 200 life sciences executives gathered in London to discuss today's pressing industry issues at the FT Pharma/Biotech Conference. Listen as Pete Mooney, DTTL Global Life Sciences (LSHC) Industry Leader; and Mike Standing, DTT European Regional LSHC Industry Leader, discuss several of the topics and on the conference agenda and share their perspectives on the future direction of the industry.

TMT Predictions 2013: A midyear checkpoint (17:49)
Listen as TMT Predictions 2013 co-authors Duncan Stewart and Paul Lee discuss hits and misses as they review accuracy in the 2013 TMT Predictions midyear podcast.

Transformation beyond reform: The impact of health care reform on the life sciences industry (17:26)
Listen to the podcast, featuring Deloitte life science and health care industry leaders discussing topics from the Financial Times U.S. Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference.

TMT Predictions 2013: The podcast collection (lengths vary, most under 10 minutes)
What's ahead in Technology, Media, Telecommunications (TMT), and related industries? Listen as co-authors Paul Lee, Duncan Stewart, and guests discuss TMT Predictions 2013.

TMT Predictions 2013: The 2012 Scorecard (09:12)
Listen as Predictions co-authors Duncan Stewart and Paul Lee discuss the 2012 Scorecard and hits & misses from TMT Predictions 2012. Revisit the complete Predictions 2012 podcast collection and stay tuned for new podcasts on 15 January 2013.

Value at risk? The role for life sciences in the new health care era (18:33)
Listen as Deloitte leaders Pete Mooney and Simon Hammett discuss FT Global Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Conference 2012 topics, including value based pricing (VBP), innovation, and evolving operating models.

TMT Predictions 2012: A midyear checkpoint (18:28)
Listen as co-authors Paul Lee and Duncan Stewart assess the predictions, share insights from global launch events, and provide a preview of TMT Predictions 2013. To hear more, visit the complete list of TMT Predictions 2012 podcasts.

Managing the uncertainty of reform in life sciences and health care (17:35)
Podcast examines potential implications of reform for stakeholders across the global health care continuum. Deloitte leaders discuss key themes from the Financial Times US Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference, including personalized medicine and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER).

Global Powers of Retailing 2012: The podcast (20:58)
Listen as Dr. Ira Kalish, Director of Consumer Business for Deloitte Research, and Vicky Eng of Deloitte Consulting LLP in the United States, discuss "Q ratio", changes retailers can make to stay competitive, and how those change may impact the store environment.

Pricing: A fast track to creating sustainable value (11:22)
John Norkus, Pricing Leader, Consumer Products, and Jack Ringquist, Leader, Global Consumer Business & Transportation Industry, discuss the critical role of pricing in an increasingly complex and increasingly global business environment.

Finance transformation in consumer products: The podcast (10:56)
Listen as Tom Bendert, Global Finance Transformation Leader, Consumer Products, and Jack Ringquist, Global Centers of Excellence Program Leader, Consumer Business & Transportation, discuss the changing role of the finance function in the consumer products sector.

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