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Deloitte at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions
Tuesday, 25 June 2024 12:00 PM EAST

In-person - Event

Other credits | Event language: English

25 - 27 Jun. 2024

12:00 pm EAST

Deloitte at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions

Ready to unlock growth? As the global economy recovers and headline inflation eases, the rapid pace of innovation across technology and artificial intelligence continues to push industries forward. To drive conversation and foster ways to spur and maintain positive economic momentum, the World Economic Forum (WEF) convened for its 15th Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC) in Dalian, China, on 25-27 June 2024.

Under the 2024 theme of Next Frontiers for Growth, the meeting brought together more than 1,500 global leaders, thinkers, innovators, and academics from across business, government, and society to generate collective insights and deployable solutions.

Deloitte’s presence

Deloitte participated in this year’s #AMNC24 by attending WEF's sessions with public figures to authoring an Agenda blog about harnessing the power of gen AI to hosting a private dinner and panel discussion, we brought global and regional insights to contribute to the dialogue spurring positive economic momentum.

The Deloitte network helps WEF address critical global challenges through our contributions to WEF communities, initiatives, and participation in events throughout the year.

Deloitte on the Agenda

3 things CEOs must prepare to unlock the power of generative AI

With a promise to reshape industries, enhance productivity and drive innovation, generative AI represents a transformative opportunity for businesses. Find out how to navigate the complexities of AI adoption—one strategic move at a time.

Read the Agenda blog by Patrick Tsang, Deloitte China CEO.

Exclusive event

Empowering Asia Pacific’s growth
Unlocking the potential for AI adoption

Deloitte hosted a private event on Tuesday, 25 June, bringing together innovators, industry experts, business leaders, and scholars to gain insights and engage in critical discussions on paving the way for sustainable and strategic AI integration. Our panel explored the business impacts and discussed findings from a Deloitte survey with nearly 12,000 surveyed individuals assessing the rate of Gen AI adoption across the region.

Event speakers and panelists:

  • Dora Liu, China Deputy CEO and Chief Officer of Quality and Transformation, Deloitte 
  • Victor Li, China Tax Managing Partner, Deloitte 
  • Mike Canning, Global Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte
  • Ramona Yan, Asia Pacific HCAS Portfolio Leader, Deloitte
  • Markey Tan, WEF Global Shaper - Shenzhen Hub 
  • Jonathan Wong, Chief of Innovation, Enterprise and Investment, UNESCAP
  • Olaf Groth, Professional Faculty Haas School of  Business, University of California - Berkeley

Read the analysis from the recently launched Deloitte survey.

Deloitte-WEF collaborations and featured insights