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A culture of collaboration

Jabil collaborates with Deloitte and Workday to help unite its human resources worldwide

A commitment to maintaining a high degree of integrity, making insightful connections, managing day-to-day resources, improving talent mobility, and uniting HR resources globally. This was the goal of a global manufacturing solutions company. To meet this goal, this company collaborated with Deloitte to implement Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), the first global HR system in the company’s recent history.

Diversified industries and a distributed workforce

Jabil serves a wide range of industries that require manufacturing solutions. Like many diversified companies, Jabil had grown over the years and as a result, different technologies and varying processes were thrown into the mix. As a result, a centralized solution to streamline on-boarding, plus reporting and compliance tools, was needed. The company’s business leaders knew that they needed to look at their objectives—and HR solution implementation—from a holistic perspective.


Embracing a global reach solution

Determined to succeed, Jabil’s HR and IT teams set out to deploy a comprehensive human capital management (HCM) solution to standardize processes around the globe. They looked to Workday for their HCM solution and to Deloitte as their global implementation partner. Throughout a 17-month timeline, Deloitte helped Jabil address a challenging aspect of the Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) implementation: embracing the scope of the global project. The team approached the transformation following Deloitte’s guiding principles and demonstrated step-by-step methodology. Deloitte worked closely with the Jabil team, and together they held regional workshops at each phase of the project, considered how the HR platform would look to various stakeholders, and considered local cultures, languages, and regulations. The team worked together to design a solution to meet the needs of all users—without compromising the overall goal of being intuitive and robust.

Improved insights and impact

The Deloitte led Workday HCM implementation effectively deployed Jabil on its first global HCM platform, allowing for better reporting and increased visibility into the organization’s HR function. As a result of the Workday HCM implementation, Jabil was able to gain real-time insight into their global workforce, improved high-volume recruiting and on-boarding functionality, compliance with varying regulations and reporting requirements country to country, and more. Jabil’s HR professionals are able to spend more time on strategic activities. Managers now have access to real-time information about their teams.

With standardized processes, consistent data collection, and analytics, the company has greater visibility into the workforce, deeper insights into payroll and bonus expenses, and improved compliance with reporting requirements. Jabil’s leaders believe the global HCM transformation likely would not have been possible without the commitment, discipline, experience, and collaboration the Deloitte team brought to the task. With the Workday HCM solution in place, Jabil is well-positioned to manage, support, and nurture its human capital resources today — and into the future.

Download the full case study to learn more.

Jabil case study

With standardized processes, consistent data collection, and analytics, the company has greater visibility into the workforce, deeper insights into payroll and bonus expenses

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