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ERP Core Modernization

Experience the next level of ERP without interrupting core operations

ERP Core Modernization is the joint Deloitte and ServiceNow value proposition that brings the impact of ERP modernization to the organization. It merges the experience of Deloitte with the insights and execution of Clean Core ERP from ServiceNow, so you can boost efficiency, elevate ERP experiences, and accelerate impact that matters with lowered risk. 

Your ERP modernization journey

Whether you have a dated ERP, are undergoing an ERP upgrade, or are looking to transform end-to-end ERP experiences—it’s the perfect time to take your ERP to the next level. Deloitte offers an approach that quickly delivers incremental ERP capabilities that are built and prioritized from a foundation of actionable insights. Backed by speed, scale, and insight, you can get the most out of your ERP to drive sustainable business growth.

Realizing the next level of ERP with Deloitte and ServiceNow

Learn how Deloitte and ServiceNow are enabling ERP innovation and holistic transformations, enhancing end-user experience, driving cost-savings, and allowing you to focus investments on innovation.

Experience the next level of ERP: Hear from our leaders

Keep your core ERP clean, while delivering business processes that transform end-to-end experience.

Together, we help you get the most out of your ERP

Learn how Deloitte & ServiceNow are helping organizations improve efficiency and elevate experiences

Get started today

Learn how Deloitte & ServiceNow help organizations get the most out of their ERP through automating new and existing processes, reducing manual efforts, and providing modern user interactions—so that you can drive sustainable business growth. 

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Build a more connected business with an agile platform that delivers the next level of ERP