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Why Deloitte?

Accelerate, sustain, and increase the impact of transformation

If business is a game, the rules keep changing. Disruption is endless and unpredictable, forcing organizations to adapt continuously to emerging challenges and needs. The COVID-19 crisis made that reality abundantly clear as businesses across industries scrambled to address disrupted supply chains, shifting workforce needs, altered customer expectations, and more.

The crisis also proved the necessity for the built-to-evolve enterprise—the Kinetic Enterprise™—capable of responding at the speed of change. At Deloitte, we are helping global industry leaders create the built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise every day—with a holistic approach to transformation, innovative solutions that target clear business outcomes, and a worldwide network of business and technology specialists focused on SAP solutions.

Put it all together, and it’s a formula for accelerating, sustaining, and increasing business value—no matter what the next wave of disruption may bring.

Solutions to enable the built-to-evolve enterprise

Solutions should solve something. So what’s the problem you are trying to solve? In our experience working with global industry leaders, the big problems are often rooted in a lack of business responsiveness and resiliency. The “built to last” paradigm no longer suffices. Organizations today require capabilities that are built to evolve—built to support continuous flexibility and innovation as a Kinetic Enterprise.

At Deloitte, all of our SAP-focused solutions are designed to support that vision, based on the four pillars of the Kinetic Enterprise: a clean core, intelligent capabilities, responsive cloud-enabled solutions, and an inclusive ecosystem for extending value.

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