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The ELEVATE program from Deloitte and Oracle advances digital transformation

Modernize and innovate with Deloitte methodology and Oracle Cloud Technology

ELEVATE is the exclusive Deloitte and Oracle program that empowers organizations to create a modern platform using cloud infrastructure and applications. This powerful platform drives enterprise transformation and fuels innovation using an organization’s existing technology investments.

The complex digital puzzle

Many organizations are trying to solve a multi-part, digital-transformation puzzle. The complex challenge includes upgrading technology and apps to run a modern digital business; eliminating technology debt; and instituting a culture of continuous improvement and innovation to remain agile, drive efficiencies and keep up with the accelerating pace of business.

ELEVATE is designed to leverage modern, industry-leading cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications, along with frameworks and leading practices to reduce risk and promote continuous innovation. Through ELEVATE, Deloitte provides robust end-to-end cloud offerings coupled with business insights, cyber security, and industry knowledge.

Together, the integrated ELEVATE team can help you imagine, modernize, and innovate to deliver a tailored solution that can:

  • Reduce technology debt and provide scalability and quality by transitioning workloads to Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure, operated by Deloitte.
  • Modernize applications by consolidating finance, supply chain or other functions on Oracle SaaS apps with embedded automation to decrease costs and enhance productivity.
  • Innovate and continue to adopt new digital technologies through Deloitte’s Operate and Digital Foundry services, which are designed to make it easier to stay current on quarterly releases and to take advantage of advanced analytics, automation, and other new features.

ELEVATE’s integrated approach also includes a unique commercialization arrangement, which can minimize the upfront investment required and possibly make each step of your journey cash-flow positive. This arrangement creates a one-stop-shop for companies seeking to set agility and innovation in motion by migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle SaaS applications, or a multi-cloud environment.

Raising the bar

ELEVATE doesn’t simply “lift and shift” a technology environment; it provides end-to-end services for any organization seeking to enrich the human experience and drive innovation through true cloud-enabled digital transformation. It also offers a distinct commercialization arrangement that can reduce upfront costs and create the potential for self-funding.

In addition to technology know-how, Deloitte is well-positioned to help your organization from a business perspective through:

  • Industry sector-specific knowledge and functional capabilities.
  • Cutting-edge finance solutions, including our market-leading Deloitte SuperLedger™ approach.
  • Innovative supply chain solutions, such as our Smart Factory Fabric and Resilient Supply Chain offerings

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