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Deloitte amplifies Oracle Cloud Journeys

Better digital worker experience can drive better business

The workplace is now anywhere at anytime. The ecosystem of applications, communication channels, collaboration tools, and other digital tools continues to grow and become more complex for workers to navigate.

Delivering a great employee experience

Organizations have countless technology solutions, providing disconnected experiences, with duplicative features that most workers toggle between apps 10 times per hour, resulting in organizations losing 32 days per year of workplace productivity1. Our transforming, mobile-working world will continue to evolve with remote and hybrid operations pushing technology to deliver better experiences, centered around Digital Workplace.

Onboarding tasks, benefits enrollment, marital status changes, training, and promotion processes represent the progression of the employee's journey in life. However, managing these life changes can be hampered by disparate interfaces and too many applications with no structured, simplfied way to package relevant tasks together. To improve the user experience, we need to put humans at the center to design and deliver delightful experiences enabled by seamless orchestration of technology solutions for the individual, their team, and their job.

Deloitte has made major investments in the Digital Workplace. We design with employee experience at the center to understand their needs and complexities, design a future of work that solves these needs and enable workers to build great connections through great experiences. Oracle Journeys, amplified by Deloitte, are centered around employee experience and productivity with automation tools like Oracle Digital Assistant, RPA, and AI on a powerful integrated platform with multiple applications accessed though one easy interface turning disruption management into a competitive advantage.

Deloitte created a repository of industry-specific, pre-configured journeys based on data and learnings from more than 300 Oracle HCM Cloud implanted projects.

Oracle Journeys makes the connections that make for a world-class employee experience. Here’s how:

  • An enterprise platform that enables organizations to manage and deliver personalized experience for employees throughout their work-life.
  • Journeys make work-related, career-related or personal experiences interactive, and easy to navigate.
  • Specific Journeys can be assigned or recommended by AI, Managers, HR teams, and actions/events managed within the system.
  • Ability for users to create easy-to-build, tailored Journeys.
  • Oracle Integration Cloud process automation can extend the Journeys experience by integrating applications beyond Oracle Cloud.

Organizations in the top quartile of Work Experience are2:

  • 1.6x more likely to achieve better customer outcomes
  • 25% more profitable than competitors in the bottom quartile
  • 2x more customer satisfaction reflected in their net promoter score

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