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Build new, powerful financial service capabilities

Reinvent the game in today’s converged, digitized environment

Today’s markets demand innovation, speed, and transparency. There’s no room for last year’s thinking. Financial institutions around the world trust Deloitte and Google Cloud to help drive transformation, unlock competitive advantage, and realize new possibilities. 

With our powerful alliance and continually expanding suite of breakthrough solutions, we can put the latest capabilities in your hands.

Drive growth. Improve agility. Build resilience. Deliver differentiated customer experiences. Create outsized business value. With Google Cloud's highly regarded engineering proficiency and leading edge technology, combined with Deloitte's strategic, delivery, and operational experience and our unique understanding of what it takes to be competitive, you'll be ready to set the rules and win.

Definity Financial at Next '24

Ron Mills & Anand Nimkar

Definity, a Canadian financial services provider, partnered with Deloitte and Google Cloud to modernize its call center using Vertex AI and CCAI. This initiative automates processes, saving 3.5 minutes per call, or 40% of average handle time, and enhancing scalability and efficiency. This collaboration underscores Definity's commitment to AI-driven innovation, resulting in significant cost savings and streamlined operations.

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Gen AI

Our suite of generative AI-enabled solutions are designed to put powerful new capabilities in your hands. Assess risk factors, automate fraud detection, create real-time adaptive trading algorithms, manage customer queries virtually, create adaptive workflows, and more.


Spatial Finance

Combine geospatial datasets, earth observation imagery, and other sophisticated sources to provide environmentally relevant insights into specific commercial assets such as factories, mines or real estate holdings. Understand your clients' environmental impacts, assess climate risks, meet reporting requirements, and more.

Doc AI

Intelligent document processing, powered by generative AI, enables you to automate the creation of structured data, while simplifying and reducing frictional costs in your client and broker-facing functions. Now you can sort, classify, and quality assure large volumes of documents, from handwritten letters to application forms to ID cards.

NextGen Regulatory Reporting

Reduce processes that used to take several hours down to mere minutes. This scalable solution enables you to accelerate and simplify your reporting capability while enhancing visibility, control and governance. Generate accurate reports faster, improve transparency, enhance data consistency, and more.

Payments Transformation

This robust, scalable, cloud-enabled digital payment solution, powered by Google Payments Gateway, gives financial services organizations the ability to conduct reliable risk and fraud analysis, access deeper business insights, and handle complaints efficiently.



Cloud Data Platform

This modular platform is designed to help organizations get more out of their data in less time. The key capabilities required, including data storage, processing, reporting, and machine learning, are available from day one.