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Leadership and governance

The Deloitte organization comprises Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte Global), member firms of Deloitte Global, and each of their related entities in more than 150 countries and territories, and has governance and management structures in place at the Deloitte Global, member firm, and local levels.


2023 Global Impact Report

Building better futures

The Deloitte Global Board of Directors

The Deloitte Global Board of Directors addresses Deloitte Global’s most important governance matters, including approval of the global strategy, annual budget and investment plan, major policies, major transactions, and the selection of the Deloitte Global CEO and Deloitte Global Chair. In addition, the Deloitte Global Board provides oversight of and support for the operation and performance of management.

The Global Board includes representation from the majority of Deloitte member firms and reflects the  geographic reach of Deloitte’s operations. Diversity—including that of gender, race and ethnicity, thought and life experience, and professional background, as well as skills and capabilities—is considered in the selection of individuals, by their member firms, to these positions. The Deloitte Global Board has 17 members, with women making up 35% of the Board. Anna Marks, Chair of the Deloitte Global Board of Directors, began her tenure on 1 June 2023. The elected term is for four years. 

All Deloitte Global Board members have full and active roles within their own member firms/geographies, with the exception of the Global CEO and Chair. The Chair is a full-time committed role and consequently does not retain any other active positions in the organization. No Deloitte Global Board members hold any significant positions or commitments in other commercial organizations. 

More information about Deloitte Global Board members is available here.

The Deloitte Global Board has several committees to support its oversight and governance role and, from time to time, leverages other structures, such as working groups, to provide oversight on specific prevailing topics or strategic matters. The current committees and working groups include the:

  • Audit, Finance & Investment Committee (AFIC)
  • Purpose, Sustainability & Culture Committee (PSCC)
  • Risk & Ethics Committee (REC)
  • Stewardship Committee (SC)
  • Transformation Committee (TC)
  • Geopolitics Working Group (GWG)
  • CEO Nominating Committee (currently inactive)
  • Succession Planning Committee (currently inactive)

The Deloitte Global Chair and Deputy Chair receive input from the Deloitte Global Independent Non-Executive (INE) Advisory Council. The group provides advice and insights on a variety of matters, including strategy, planning, public policy, quality, risk and regulatory matters, and broader stakeholder engagement. The Deloitte Global Chair and Board also regularly engage with the Deloitte Community of Chairs, a broad group of chairs from Deloitte member firms and geographies. Through the Community of Chairs, there is good engagement and discussion across a range of board matters between the Deloitte Global Board and Deloitte leaders around the world.

The Deloitte Global Executive Committee

The Deloitte Global Executive Committee, currently composed of 21 senior leaders from Deloitte Global and select Deloitte member firms, is responsible for operating our organization, as well as embedding Deloitte’s Purpose and advancing its strategic business priorities. The Executive Committee also sets policies and champions initiatives that help Deloitte make an impact that matters for our clients, our people, society, and other stakeholders.

Deloitte Global Chief Executive Officer Joe Ucuzoglu, who began serving in the role on 1 January 2023, leads the Executive Committee. Women comprise 38% of the members of the Executive Committee (up from 23% in FY2022).

The Deloitte Global Operating Committee

The Deloitte Global Operating Committee provides a vital link between strategy and execution that helps Deloitte perform effectively and efficiently.

Deloitte Global Chief Operating Officer Donna Ward leads the Operating Committee. Members include Deloitte Global business operations and enabling area leaders, as well as chief operating officers from select member firms. Women comprise 33% of the Operating Committee’s membership.

Member firm leadership

Deloitte member firms, and in some cases their related entities, have their own leadership and governance bodies. To foster effective and responsive management within member firms, member firm management and governance bodies are required by policy to include:

  • A formal management structure, including an elected chief executive officer or managing partner who is responsible for managing the member firm and working with the member firm's leaders to align its strategies with those of the Deloitte organization; and
  • A governing body, such as a board of directors, to facilitate sound governance.


Em Sendall
Chief of Staff, Office of the Deloitte Global Chair

Dina Tallarico
Chief of Staff, Office of the Deloitte Global CEO

Harriet Balsom
Chief of Staff, Office of the Deloitte Global COO

Strong and effective governance helps enable Deloitte to deliver on our clients’ trust, operate our business ethically, balance the interests of our stakeholders, and serve the public interest.