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Humanitarian response

Deloitte responds to humanitarian crises with swift and meaningful support for our people and the communities impacted. Guided by our Purpose and Shared Values, Deloitte is prepared to mobilize our organization to move quickly and bring the strength of our resources to bear globally. During the past year, we continued to provide assistance to the people of Ukraine through a range of initiatives, as well as helping to support the humanitarian needs of those impacted by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the earthquake in Morocco, and the flooding in Libya. Since the start of FY2023, Deloitte supported 17 local humanitarian and disaster relief responses in communities around the world. 

2023 Global Impact Report

Building better futures

Support for Ukraine 

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, Deloitte has demonstrated unwavering solidarity and support for Ukrainians. We as an organization, and many of our people individually, have provided financial donations, pro bono services, and volunteer work, including research and insights into some of the most effective ways to help support refugees. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, millions of Ukrainian citizens crossed the Polish border and a significant number decided to stay in Poland. Deloitte Poland’s Ukraine Refugee Pulse report, which focused on gathering insights into how to support refugees more effectively, has helped inform the response to this crisis by Polish national and local government, international organizations, NGOs, and businesses. 

Deloitte Central Europe, including Deloitte Poland, has provided pro bono advisory services to the Ministry of Family and Social Policy (MFSP) in Poland, delivering a transformation strategy to help the country’s Public Employment Services (PES) address the refugee crisis. Drawing on labor market analysis and a review of leading practices from other countries in Europe, Deloitte Poland identified strategic options to support PES in offering services that help answer the needs of refugees and facilitate greater access to the labor market. Deloitte Poland has also provided organizational support for the Green Line, the MFSP’s refugee helpline, and supported contact center services with IRENA, Deloitte Central Europe’s chatbot app.

In June 2023, Deloitte Ukraine initiated a fundraising campaign to assist those affected by the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant dam explosion, which caused one of the largest water reservoirs in Ukraine to flood into nearby regions. In addition to funding from Deloitte Ukraine, many Deloitte Ukraine people also contributed individually, helping to raise funds needed to purchase equipment for rescue operations in the affected region, as well as to support reconstruction efforts. 

Deloitte firms have also worked with clients to help them make an impact. For example, Deloitte Ukraine provided pro bono legal services to Eurocar as the company converted a manufacturing facility into one of the largest humanitarian logistics hubs in Ukraine. The Deloitte Ukraine team created a legal framework for the hub’s operations, including legal cooperation between key stakeholders such as the affiliated charitable foundation, donors, and the Regional State and Military Administration. The Financial Times Innovative Lawyers report commended Deloitte Ukraine for this impactful humanitarian initiative. 

Deloitte Ukraine also continues to provide assurance services, on a pro bono basis, to UNITED24, an initiative launched by the President of Ukraine as a platform for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. The platform enables organizations and individuals to donate money to a range of efforts, including humanitarian needs, rebuilding infrastructure, and supporting hospitals and healthcare.

Deloitte US provided pro bono consulting services over the last year to HealthRight International, an NGO that helps to expand equitable access to quality health systems for marginalized communities. HealthRight has been working to help build accessible, equitable systems of care in Ukraine since 2005, providing housing, health care, and social support to over 1.2 million people affected by violence throughout the country. Since the start of the war, the organization shifted to provide critically needed humanitarian support services to Ukrainians across the country. Deloitte US’s pro bono work with HealthRight focused on enhancing essential operational and risk management activities surrounding HealthRight’s Ukraine programs. 

Responding to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria 

In February 2023, the largest earthquake in Turkey and Syria in over a century caused massive destruction. In total, more than 14.7 million people were affected, approximately 60,000 people lost their lives, and millions were displaced. Deloitte Turkey and other Deloitte firms in the region moved quickly to help address the essential needs of Deloitte people and their families who were impacted. Deloitte people in the region also participated as volunteers in search and rescue activities and helped to provide aid to those affected by the tragedy. More than eight months after the devastation, millions of people continue to need assistance, having lost their homes, belongings, and livelihoods. Entire communities, and even cities, have been forced to start over.  

Thousands of volunteers and workers in Turkey and Syria have been on the ground since day one, supporting the communities affected. Funding from Deloitte, along with other donors, to the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is helping to support immediate needs for first aid, shelter, food, and financial assistance. We thank the Deloitte people who have given personally to the IFRC and other humanitarian response organizations, as well those who have engaged in on-the-ground volunteer efforts, to support the response. 

In a year of global challenges with a deeply human impact, Deloitte sought to support and inspire our people and communities, making an impact that matters in society.