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Verdantix: Global Corporate Survey 2022: EHS Services Brands Recognition

Deloitte has ranked #1 in brand perception and recognition in Verdantix Global Corporate Survey 2022: EHS Services Brands Recognition

This report helps CEOs, chief marketing officers and business development directors at Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) service firms understand the strength of their brand, in terms of customer preference and brand awareness, from the perspective of 300 corporate EHS leaders across 31 countries and 25 industries. For this corporate services survey, Verdantix targeted 300 respondents with revenues of at least US$250 million and 25 industry groups, weighted towards high- and very high-risk verticals.

Deloitte ranked #1 over 23 EHS service providers, scoring 67% in terms of brand perception and 89% in brand recognition of its strong capabilities. And had the lowest percentage (11%) of survey respondents who were unaware of the organization.

What you will gain from the survey:

  • Understanding of the strength of the Deloitte brand, in terms of customer preference and brand awareness in EHS services
  • The brand perception and recognition of top EHS service providers from over 300 EHS professionals across 31 countries and 25 industries
  • Insights from the Verdantix Global Corporate Survey to assess Deloitte in the current EHS service providers market and their potential to shape the market in the future

Note: Data labels are rounded to zero decimal places; percentages less than 5% are written as numbers.
Source: Verdantix Global Corporate EHS Services Survey 2022
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