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Deloitte launches Human Services Innovators Council to reimagine the future of social care

News release

New York, NY,  08 April 2022—Deloitte Global today announced the launch of the Human Services Innovators Council, a global forum convening thought leaders dedicated to reimagining the future of human services to improve the well-being of citizens and communities around the world. The Council is comprised of respected social care leaders across the public sector, private industries, and humanitarian organizations who share a passion for improving the well-being of citizens through human services and enabling individuals, families, communities, and economies to thrive.

Hosted by some of Deloitte’s most senior leaders including Deloitte Global Chair Sharon Thorne—the Council will provide an opportunity for collaboration among the brightest minds in human services. Inaugural Council Members include senior leaders from seven countries who have a diverse range of specialty areas, from ophthalmology to social entrepreneurship.

“Given our global reach as the world’s largest professional services organization, Deloitte is honored to act as the convener of the forum in its continued focus on making an impact that matters for our people, clients, and the communities in which we live and work,” says Thorne. “This Council will help lead the way on addressing the increasingly complex challenges and inequalities that exist in today’s society and help address the need to foster a stronger social safety net for a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.”

To sustainably meet rising demand and citizen expectations, human services will require new models that reflect new circumstances and create value across communities while also decreasing social and digital divides. Events held by the Council will feature diverse perspectives on the most pressing topics for society with the aim of developing a compelling and actionable vision for human services. The Council will also identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership across industries to advance social care initiatives.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects have exposed catastrophic vulnerabilities in social care systems, within an environment already in urgent need of transformation,” says Debbie Sills, Deloitte Global Public Sector Consulting Leader. “The goal of the Human Services Innovators Council is to seize this moment reimagining the future of social care to ensure that those in need will not be left wanting.”

At its inaugural event, the Council outlined its mission, objectives, and identified key action items. Upcoming Council events will feature insights from industry specialists, a roundtable series hosted by an international think tank discussing trends disrupting human services, and deep dives into opportunities for innovation across the human services ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to bring this eminent group together and are inspired by the Council Members’ potential to bring about real and lasting change,” says Rebecca Kapes Osmon, Deloitte Global Human Services Leader. “Now is the time to think differently, to learn from each other, and to craft a different path forward for human services.”

About Deloitte’s Health & Human Services practice

Deloitte brings innovative yet practical solutions to navigate the vastly complex human services market. We seek to protect and provide better outcomes for communities through programs that assist with social welfare, unemployment, and family care as well as physical and mental health. To learn more about our services, visit the Future of Human Services page on where you can read our latest report, Transforming social care: Moving beyond “better, faster, cheaper”.