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Sandra Heuts

North South Europe Risk Advisory Leader | Global Risk Advisory

Sandra is a partner based in The Netherlands and has over 20 years of experience serving primarily clients in the ER&I and LS industry.

Sandra is the NSE Risk Advisory Leader and the global lead client service partner for AkzoNobel, a global strategic client and global leading paints and coatings company.

Prior to her current roles, Sandra was the Chief Operating Officer for Global Risk Advisory and chairman of the board of the European Cyber Center in Madrid together with being a member of the NSE Board between June and Dec 2020. Earlier in her career Sandra has been the C&I leader in the Netherlands, member of the Executive Board and Executive Committee, and chair of the Deloitte Fair Chance Foundation in the Netherlands. In both her client and global role, Sandra focuses on cross pollinating capabilities, assets and innovations between the various businesses and between the global and local firm to support clients with large business transformations. Sandra holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. She started her career in the industry before joining Andersen business consulting.