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Saurabh Dubey

Managing Director

Saurabh Dubey is a leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP in the United States, serving as the Americas leader for Global Business Services (GBS) on ServiceNow. With his specialist knowledge and deep understanding of the industry, Saurabh spearheads innovation and transformation initiatives for clients across the Americas region.

As the GBS Americas leader, Saurabh plays a pivotal role in helping drive Deloitte's service delivery capabilities on the ServiceNow platform. His strategic vision and passion for leveraging technology to help create value enables him to guide organizations through digital transformations and help achieve their business objectives. Saurabh's experience in leading large-scale implementations and managing complex projects combined with his knowledge of both the ServiceNow platform and client matters position him as a trusted advisor to clients seeking to optimize their ServiceNow investments.

Saurabh is passionate about leveraging ServiceNow as a transformative platform to help organizations achieve operational excellence, streamline workflows, and enhance overall business performance. He understands the unique needs and complexities faced by businesses globally and works closely with clients to help tailor ServiceNow solutions to their specific requirements.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Saurabh actively contributes to the industry through speaking engagements, thought leadership articles, and participation in conferences and forums. He believes in sharing knowledge and insights to help organizations stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

Saurabh embodies the qualities of a visionary leader and trusted collaborator, combining his specialist knowledge in GBS and ServiceNow with a passion for innovation and client success. With his guidance, organizations can unlock the full potential of ServiceNow and embark on transformative journeys that can help drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage.