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Patrycja Oselkowska

Partner | Deloitte Digital | Middle East Growth Leader

Patrycja is a Partner at Deloitte Digital and a member of the Middle East Exec in her role of the Middle East Growth leader, responsible for driving Deloitte’s growth across strategic industries, clients and priority offerings.

She brings over 20 years of experience advising some of the largest banks, insurer and wealth & asset managers on how to achieve tangible improvements to customer experience. She has led a number of large-scale, global projects around customer centric transformation, innovation, digital strategies, and CRM.

Patrycja has worked with challenger “neo” banks helping them with license application, strategy, proposition design, build and launch. She has also worked with digital wallets helping to define a frictionless experience. Prior to Deloitte, Patrycja has worked with several Consulting firms across Asia and Europe.