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Karin Wiens

Canada Google Cloud Lead Alliance Partner

Karin Wiens is a Deloitte Consulting Partner with over 20 years of IT experience in Infrastructure, Sales, and both Managed and Professional Services.  At Deloitte she leads the Cloud Engineering Practice nationally which combines Cloud advisory services with technical delivery and managed services across all of the top Cloud Service Provider Platforms.  These services help clients transform to bring new solutions to market faster, streamline legacy infrastructure and reduce technical debt. 

Karin has worked in all industries and helps clients make better decisions to meet their specific needs when it comes to technology, business and talent related challenges related to cloud adoption.  She provides leadership and brings together the best of Deloitte, our extended network of alliances and external partners to help clients develop and execute strategies to leverage the most business relevant aspects of the cloud in an agile, cost-effective and secure fashion.