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Julius N. Hill

Partner | IDO Sector Leader & Consulting Partner

Julius is the Swiss Sector Leader for International Development Organizations (IDO) and Consulting Partner based in Geneva.

In his sector role, Julius leads Deloitte’s service strategy for IDO and is responsible for the quality of services across Deloitte’s portfolio of capability. He also serves as the Global Lead Client Service Partner for The Global Fund and The World Health Organisation.

He has over 25 years of strategy, operations and technology consulting experience to clients in the public and the private sector. He is highly regarded for his insights regarding transformational programs leveraging new technologies and extracting value from complex projects. He has been working with UN agencies, IDO’s, NGO’s and multi-national companies in Geneva for the last 16 years.

His area of expertise is in organisational operating models leveraging new digital and analytics technologies, transitioning operations to cloud based technology platforms and integrating cross-organisation data analytics to deliver high impact outcomes.

His passion is in mobilising teams of experts to help deliver an “Impact that Matters” to our clients and the world. In this regard, Julius is proud to be the local project sponsor of the Deloitte CARE program focused on helping local refugees integrate into Swiss society. This program won the 2020 Deloitte Impact Award.