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Courtney Thayer, Principal – Center for Process Bionics Market Leader | Deloitte Global

Principal | Center for Process Bionics Market Leader

Courtney is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and is both the Assets & Innovation leader within the Core Business Operations offering and the leader for the Operations Transformation Center for Process Bionics (CPB). With more than 25 years of experience, Courtney has focused on helping large organizations drive margin and operational performance improvement through technology optimization, digital transformation and automation, and process efficiency. Additionally, Courtney's expertise includes the development and launch of several hybrid businesses and assets designed to accelerate and sustain the value created for clients.

In her Assets & Innovation role, she is responsible for identifying, developing, and scaling assets and hybrid businesses to drive enhanced value to our clients. One of the most recent innovations, the Center for Process Bionics, is focused on driving operational improvement through process, tech-enabled, and digital transformation. Integrating an agile approach to transformation with tools such as process mining, task mining, and process mapping and proprietary Deloitte assets, the CPB is able to focus on the areas of highest value, bring insights into leading practice, and implement transformation focused on rapid realization and sustainment of strategic value.