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James Cascone, Partner – Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory | Deloitte US

Partner | Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory | U.S. Brand & Reputation Management Leader | Global Trust Leader

James leads Deloitte Advisory’s Sustainability, Climate & Equity (SC&E) offering and is responsible for strategically growing Deloitte’s portfolio of sustainability services in the Consumer industry. He also serves on Deloitte’s Global Council for SC&E Alliances & Technology and has over twenty-five years of experience providing consulting services to clients across five continents. James was a founding member of Deloitte’s sustainability practice in 2008 and has also led Deloitte Advisory’s Food & Product Safety practice (2012-2014), Supply Chain Risk practice (2014-2018) and Brand & Reputation Management offering (2018-2022). He currently leads a U.S.-based team of SC&E professionals who advise clients on managing emerging sustainability risks and regulatory requirements. James also oversees a global team of analysts skilled in implementing technology solutions that enhance SC&E data governance and enable sustainable supply chains.