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Craig Conte

Deloitte Legal | Lead Partner for Legal Operate

Craig is the lead partner for Legal Operate and has been working in contracting, contract management and tech enablement for over 20 years. Craig’s team focuses on legal managed services, providing solutions that are focused on delivering better business outcomes, lowering the cost of contracting and increasing speed and efficiency, while recognising that contracts are at the heart of an organisation.

Craig has unique expertise in creating contracting Centres of Excellence hubs and deploying contract enablement technologies, having assisted with the selection, implementation and management of dozens of platforms for many clients globally.

Prior to joining Deloitte Legal, Craig was first a practicing lawyer in New York with a focus on outsourcing and IT transactional law. He has previously held roles as head lawyer for Capgemini’s BPO practice, building global capabilities for legal, commercial and customer support; and Elevate where he built the organisation’s contract consulting capabilities. Craig is on the Global Advisory Board for World Commerce & Contracting and regularly speaks on industry innovations in contract and commercial management.