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Ashleigh Theophanides

Chief Sustainability Officer

Ashleigh is the Chief Sustainability Officer for Deloitte Africa with responsibility for the firms sustainability strategy. This covers regulatory affairs and public policy, supporting our communities through strategic partnerships and leveraging our networks, capabilities and resources and embedding a sustainability culture across our firm and achieving net zero by 2030.

In her 20 years of experience, Ashleigh has worked across the private and public healthcare sectors, with government departments, financial services organisations, mining operations and telecoms operators.

As a qualified health actuary, she has provided benefit design actuarial valuations and pricing strategies. She is also recognised as a leader in disease modelling. Outside of the scheme environment, Ashleigh focused on helping multi-national companies with market entry strategies and model design, market assessment & forecasting.

Ashleigh also leads the Deloitte Africa’s Health Equity Institute (DHEI), a global Executive Office initiative aimed at improving health equity on the continent.