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Jan Vanhaecht

Global Digital Identity Leader

Jan joined the Deloitte Cyber Risk Services group in June 2008 after successfully growing and leading a niche IAM systems integration company. He is currently leading the overall Belgian Cyber Risk Services Team, which houses well over 120 experts (and growing) who cover the full breath of services in the Cyber Security domain, from high level Strategy, Roadmap, Operating Model, Security Management and Workforce development experts, over Data Protection, Cloud security, Emerging Technology, SAP and Identity management export all the way up to Ethical Hackers and Managed Security Services experts. This wide range of services will allow Jan’s clients to face the next big transformation wave to follow the Digital Transformations: a full Cyber Transformation to confidently act and thrive in a digital economy.

In parallel, after leading the Deloitte Identity Services Practice on a regional level and for EMEA, Jan became the Deloitte Global Digital Identity Leader with a clear focus on maximizing the outcomes of Digital Identity investments with a faster time-to-value. As part of this effort, Jan has launched the Digital Identity by Deloitte offering, which drastically reduces the implementation time of our client’s Identity capability by focusing on providing an Initial Operating capability at “warp speed”, in a sustainable way to allow further Enhance and Extend workstreams to continuously improve this Identity capability and integrate the client’s IT landscape in an agile way. Hence, our clients are solving current needs quickly and have a flexible platform to support ever evolving identity needs for employees, customers, business partners and smart devices which also prepare them for a more flexible Zero Trust-inspired architecture.

In terms of industries, Jan’s experience lies primarily in Government & Public Services as well as in Financial Services & Insurance, while he also has been successfully engaging in many other sectors and industries as an internationally recognized Digital Identity expert. Because of his vast experience in local, regional, national and international government agencies, Jan also took on the account coordination work for all of the Risk Advisory services at the European Institutions.

The projects where Jan is involved, cover:

  • Digital Identity engagements from strategy through implementation to managed services (“Operate”) where synergies between stakeholders (e.g. Client Identity and Employee Identity) and IT platforms (e.g. best-of-bread solution combinations) form a cornerstone of the solution design.
  • Defining down-to-earth Cyber Security strategies for high ranking clients (national governments, international FSI’s). He is leading highly successful cyber transformation engagements in these industries, defining future proof cyber security visions where business enablement is a key success factor.
  • Securing IT services integration from Enterprise Security Architecture to cloud integration and secure software development into Ethical Hacking (eg Purple Teaming)
  • Translating complex regulatory and compliance standards (like GDPR and SWIFT CSP) to actionable initiatives and pragmatic infrastructure solutions.

Jan is frequently requested to share his vision on public speaking occasions and panels. Further, the broader security community regularly taps in to his experience by deploying Jan in a Quality Assurance or technology audit role.