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Josh Hjartarson | Deloitte Global

Partner, Consulting | National Leader, Social Services Sector

Josh Hjartarson is the National Leader, Social Services for Deloitte Canada. He grew up in a rural area in the province of Alberta, which was then experiencing a deep recession. Like many families, hers had to rely on government support during this time.

That's why Josh is a firm believer in the value of government. He also believes that improving the effectiveness of Canada's social safety net is both a moral imperative and an economic development imperative. With this in mind, his professional and academic interests converge on transforming income assistance, human services, and employment support services to be more integrated and results-oriented and customers and families.

Josh holds a doctorate in political science from the University of Toronto. His professional background is as follows: five years as a public servant, ten years as an academic and three years as a seasoned advocate and champion of Ontario's business community.

When he's not thinking about the safety net, he's an assistant coach for a Little League Baseball team, devouring books, and traveling as often as possible.