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Irfan Saif, Principal – Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory | Deloitte US

Principal | Chief Strategy Officer | Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory

Irfan is a principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP and Chief Strategy Officer for Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory. In his more than 25-year career in professional services, Irfan has delivered and overseen the strategy and implementation of transformational cyber risk and disruptive technology solutions for many leading global enterprises. He principally serves large, multi-national clients in the technology sector and has also worked with leading brands in media, financial services, and retail.

As Chief Strategy Officer, Irfan drives strategy development and optimization in conjunction with Deloitte US and Global member firms. He also oversees a portfolio that includes Technology, Innovation, and Corporate Development for the business. He serves on the Deloitte US Firms’ Board of Directors and chairs its Risk and Regulatory committee. Irfan also co-leads Deloitte’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategic growth offering. Irfan is a frequent author, speaker, and board advisor on cyber risk and various emerging and disruptive technologies.