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Rie Matsumori

Director - Deloitte Japan

We are Women in SAP. We master challenges, are built to evolve, and accelerate transformation. We break boundaries to make an impact by shattering traditional beliefs, redefining the art of the possible, creating a new future of how, why and where business gets done. Deloitte and business technology forces us to keep breaking the boundaries of the world we know. This could be you.

Navigating opportunities

You don’t have to know a lot about SAP solutions to get started on a meaningful career path in the SAP realm. Rie Matsumori understands that fact well. She actually focused on international studies during university but transitioned naturally into the world of consulting—gradually expanding her knowledge of SAP offerings and how organizations could use intelligent technologies to transform their businesses.

Joining Deloitte Japan in 2012, Rie has steadily added to her body of SAP knowledge, working today as a director focused on assisting clients as they navigate challenges and opportunities. Logistics is one area in which she has built a specialty, supporting a range of needs for aligning SAP solutions with specific business processes, such as material management.

Learning the SAP world from the ground up has required determination, and challenges naturally come with the territory, according to Rie. Supporting clients as they transition from long-established legacy systems to more agile and intelligent SAP solutions, for example, brings inherent complexity on multiple fronts—such as process optimization, technology integration, and human experience. And it all must connect back to the strategic goals of Deloitte customers, while also supporting their ability to evolve as business needs change.

Two important factors have made it easier for her to address the challenges that have emerged: the support of leaders and colleagues around her, as well as the culture of inclusivity that comes with Deloitte’s SAP projects. “We have various backgrounds, and a lot of people we meet—we respect each other and empower each other,” she says.

A sense of empowerment is something that she strives to share with Deloitte colleagues, especially other women on a career journey in the SAP space. Constantly looking for ways to be a role model for the next-generation of consultants and to help them see the broader potential that comes with SAP projects, she is focused on helping Deloitte develop new talent and expand its business opportunities. She’s also focused on the most important thing about her Deloitte experience: continuously learning new things that allow her to enjoy her job even more.