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Amy Royce

Director - Deloitte Australia

We are Women in SAP. We master challenges, are built to evolve, and accelerate transformation. We break boundaries to make an impact by shattering traditional beliefs, redefining the art of the possible, creating a new future of how, why and where business gets done. Deloitte and business technology forces us to keep breaking the boundaries of the world we know. This could be you.

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Delivering excellence plus impact

Amy Royce knows what it means to bring everything together. In her view, that’s one of the key strengths of SAP solutions—connecting the elements of finance, procurement, the supply chain, and other business functions and providing a single technology foundation for the enterprise.

But for Amy, “bringing everything together” means a lot more. As a Deloitte Australia director working on program management for SAP transformation projects, she is responsible for bringing together all of the elements needed for delivery excellence and client success—the right people, skillsets, technologies, methodologies, tools, and more. Amy is also responsible for helping Deloitte’s SAP business grow stronger through new capabilities and new people—whom she calls the future “delivery excellence stars.”

It’s exciting work that gives her the opportunity to work across a client’s business and to go far beyond the technical aspects of software—even though hands-on data and technology work has been a long-standing strength of hers. “We are able to really have an impact across an entire organization. I can talk to different stakeholders—from all different areas with all different priorities and problems and concerns,” she says. “What I love about my job is that it is the perfect blend of technology and people.

The path that led Amy to the world of SAP began more than a decade ago, working on transformation projects at a mining company, then transitioning to a Human Capital Management consulting firm before joining Deloitte in early 2019. One thing she has noticed since joining: the diversity among Deloitte’s organization—and the platform that Deloitte allows for women across all areas of consulting, particularly in SAP.

And that diversity is important, according to Amy. It provides an opportunity for many paths, all of which lead to the same place: meaningful outcomes for Deloitte clients and colleagues. In her view, it’s an environment that allows all employees to learn from one another, grow their careers at their own pace, and remain true to themselves—supported by a culture and policies that enable each person’s unique journey.