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Aqsa Khan

Specialist Leader, Identity and Access Management - Deloitte US

We are the women in cyber. The few protecting the many. The underrepresented, who over influence. The half of the world, who see the problems differently, who solve them uniquely. We are the women in cyber safeguarding society. Protecting us all. We need more like us. We need more like you.

Meet Aqsa, a Specialist Leader and Identity and Access Management professional in the US Cyber practice at Deloitte. She works with healthcare clients to make sure that the right people have access to the right resources at the right time. Aqsa is proud to be making a difference in the lives of many people. She has been intrigued by access management from the beginning of her career, working on a project that allowed college students access to their financial data so they could request aid – and she saw it as much more than that. It was a way to securely connect people with their data. And although many activities that happen in cyber are behind the scenes, the impact of those activities is seen every day, everywhere. “Just imagine your information getting stolen either on social media or at a store where you may have used your credit card. I feel like I’ve been able to make a difference.” For Aqsa, what drives her passion is the innovation; the challenge of making sure that the unique requirements of different industries are met in an efficient way. And the opportunity to share a unique perspective and be heard.

About her work:

Aqsa specializes in Identity and Access Management (IAM) with a successful track record providing public services in security systems integration, technical architecture design to implementation, and project management of designated solutions. She has more than 5 years’ experience working on large, highly visible, and complex projects across a variety of industries while leveraging a diverse range of technologies to meet a required functionality set.

We need more like Aqsa. We need more like you.

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We need more like us. We need more like you.