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Amita Shanbhogue

Senior Manager, Consulting - Deloitte US-India

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She’s taking the cloud global

A part of the cloud’s magic is that it can run some of an organization’s most important functions from almost anywhere in the world.  And by the same token, you can build it from almost anywhere too.  From her desk in Bengaluru, India, Amita Shanbhogue, Senior Manager, Consulting, Deloitte US-India (USI), is at the heart of the global engine with a follows-the-sun approach to help deliver new and innovative cloud capabilities for some of Deloitte Global’s biggest clients.

Amita is one of our leaders in cloud strategy and plays a vital role in the Global Delivery Network, which provides always-on capabilities and support for Deloitte client projects.  “Cloud is at the epicenter of a lot of technology changes happening across organizations.  It can be critical to their success because it helps them focus on innovation as well as leading-edge technologies in the market,” Amita says. “Part of an organization starting off their cloud journey is identifying what kind of strategies they want to adopt, and that’s primarily where we come in — helping to identify the key areas, cost-effectiveness, and other synergies that may be needed.”

She cites a recent large-scale project for a client that wanted to augment its cloud presence by building a public cloud capability.  Amita’s team was involved from the start -– helping set the strategy, creating the technology business case, assessing the required cloud applications, forming a central team to manage the workstreams, working with major cloud providers, and overseeing the migration process.

Technology intrigued Amita from an early age, as she was surrounded by many family members, including her father, who worked in technology and engineering.  She says she was determined to show that a woman could also have a successful career in the field, and she joined Deloitte US-India more than 12 years ago after completing a Master’s in Business and Engineering.  After cutting her teeth on large-scale IT infrastructure projects, she gained a specialty in IT transformation for financial services clients before transitioning to her current cloud transformation role.

She sees her leadership role in Deloitte’s cloud transformation practice as an enormous opportunity to mentor aspiring women technology professionals.  “A few years back, we didn't see as many women in engineering or technology, but I think that's changing now,” Amita says, adding that it is a trend she wants to help grow.  “For me as a leader, the primary objective is to share my experiences -- the knowledge that I've gained over the span of 12 years.  I want to provide help and be a good mentor, similar to how I've had some great mentors.”

Connect with Amita at if you are ready to unlock the transformational power of cloud.

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