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Rikke Beckmann Danielsen

Partner, Infrastructure & Capital Projects, M&A, Deloitte Denmark

We are the women in M&A. We navigate complexity and bring businesses together to build stronger futures. We define strategies and unlock value. We understand risk and reward and make historic deals happen. We see problems differently and solve them uniquely. We imagine new possibilities, establish trust, drive growth, and find solutions to the most pressing issues facing our clients and communities to shape a better tomorrow. We need more like us. We need more like you.

“I work with a lot of passionate people who are really good at what they’re doing.”

Meet Rikke. As a partner in Corporate Finance Advisory at Deloitte Denmark, she primarily helps infrastructure deals come to life. “The projects we do, and the deals we structure, impact society in the long run. It’s hospitals, roads, airports, sewage systems, energy transformation, etc., all of the infrastructure that’s critical for a modern society to function,” she explains. This long-lasting social impact is what makes Rikke so passionate about the work she does.

Take for example some recent work on new airports in Greenland. Rikke appreciates the immense impact this project has already had and how it will continue to impact people’s lives in the future. “There’s long-term sustainable infrastructure in place that will benefit many companies and many people—not only from the Nordic region, but from around the world.” Her experience also includes advisory work in relation to regional procurements of hospitals buildings. “I am super proud that I’ve been working on projects that I can share with my kids.”

Rikke is also the recipient of the Leading Woman in Infrastructure Award in 2022, presented by The Partnership and P3 Awards, a publication which celebrates the best Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects around the world. Judges were impressed by Rikke’s leadership in the market and her extensive efforts as an impressive mentor and role model committed to wellness and inclusion.

Rikke notes the importance of diverse voices in Mergers & Acquisitions. “In order to structure a deal—to get the incentives right, to make sure that everybody is heard, to structure the deal in the most optimal way—we need diversity of thought. The different perspectives that diversity brings are a key part of the equation.”

Rikke loves the work she does, and what working here enables her to do outside of Deloitte. “I have a super interesting job as well as the flexibility to live a full life with family, hobbies, and balance.”

We need more like Rikke.

We need more like you.

Join us.