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Jessica Anderson

Principal, Discovery & Data Management, Forensic, Deloitte US

We are the women in Forensic. We navigate complexity and respond to critical business events while building trust. We turn vulnerability into strength and manage crises you read about in the news. We solve threats today and protect against risks in the future. We innovate, investigate, and find solutions to critical issues facing our clients and communities to shape a better tomorrow. We need more like us. We need more like you.

 “I love the teams that I get to work with and the clients that we get to serve are some of the most brilliant people ever.”

Meet Jessica. As a Deloitte US principal in Regulatory & Legal Support, she leads the Discovery & Data Management practice. “We help clients who are facing challenges in their legal operations, address challenges with data and technology, and drive efficient operations to address litigation, investigation, and incidents,” she says. When clients face a large investigation, whether a government investigation, an internal investigation, or litigation, there’s oftentimes large volumes of data involved. Jessica’s team needs to capture it to understand what has transpired and gather evidence to best develop a strategy. “Our team is very focused on helping clients most efficiently and defensively go and find that evidence, sorting and sifting through all that information to respond to the request.”

“I really like to solve problems. The complexity of technology and data today and getting to the right information as quickly as possible, can just be a massive puzzle,” says Jessica. Solving these puzzles with her amazing team is where the magic happens. “At Deloitte, we have an incredibly collaborative team of incredibly smart people that are hyper-focused on how we can come up with new ideas to solve the challenges that we’re seeing. We work together every day toward better outcomes.”

Early in her career, Jessica notes, she was often the only woman at the table. “I realize it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to be at the table, to bring a different point of view, to challenge people.” When there aren’t women or other diverse perspectives at the table, she says, that crucial lens often gets missed. To help make sure diverse viewpoints are part of the conversation, Jessica is passionate about developing future leaders. She has led Advisory’s Women’s Initiative, Inclusive Leadership Development and Advancement, and sat on the National Review and Peering Committees. In each of these roles, she has created opportunities to develop future leaders at Deloitte.

“When you find something that you’re passionate about and are seeking more opportunities to do it more—embrace the challenge,” she says. “People have a tendency to try and master things before we begin but embrace the challenge and trust those around you. Know that they have your back and are investing in you.” One of the incredible things about Deloitte, Jessica says, is that everybody is leaning in towards everybody else’s success. “You have champions all around you who are going to see to it that you and the team are successful.”

We need more like Jessica.

We need more like you.

Join us.