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Joe Ucuzoglu & Anna Marks
Joe Ucuzoglu
Deloitte Global CEO

Anna Marks
Deloitte Global Chair

Download the 2023 Global Impact Report
2023 Global Impact Report

Letter from leadership

The global business environment has been incredibly dynamic over the past year. The pace of change and the increasing complexity we see in the world around us are relentless—and that momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

While the COVID-19 pandemic shaped the global outlook during the first few years of this decade, driving forces over the past year included unpredictability in the world economy and profound shifts in the geopolitical landscape. The need to adapt and respond to the rapid adoption of game-changing technologies like generative artificial intelligence (AI) has added further complexity. We have seen markets and supply chains disrupted, international relationships rewritten, and expectations about the globalized world economy upended. Amidst all this, also top of mind is the urgency to address climate change and social inequities. The reverberations from each of these forces can be felt around the world and across business, industry, and society.

While this dynamic environment has created challenges, it also continues to bring forth incredible human ingenuity, creativity, determination, and resilience—with the aim of advancing toward a better future. We have been energized by how organizations and individuals have innovated and adapted, and we are proud to work alongside them to help navigate some of the most complex challenges and breakthroughs of modern times.

Leading with purpose

Deloitte’s business success goes well beyond financial performance. It is also driven by our commitment to embedding our purpose, to make an impact that matters, in everything we do. We have a responsibility to create a positive impact with our clients, our people, and society. Our organization continues to thrive by focusing on the value we create across all dimensions—environmental, social, governance, and financial.

We also draw strength from our multidisciplinary model, which brings together the tremendous range of experiences and capabilities in our organization globally to address the near- and long-term forces reshaping business and society. Our multidisciplinary model enables us to bring our purpose to life and deliver significant impact for our stakeholders: Deloitte clients value the breadth of capabilities, our people value the diversity of experiences and career paths, the markets value the quality we deliver, and our communities value the impact we make on many big societal challenges.

“We are committed to investing alongside businesses, governments, and communities around the world to develop and deliver breakthrough solutions and services to help advance our collective progress.”

Accelerating transformational change

As the pace of change has accelerated, we have continued to help organizations tackle their most complex challenges and guide them on their transformation journeys. We are committed to investing alongside businesses, governments, and communities around the world to develop and deliver breakthrough solutions and services to help advance our collective progress.

Our record of delivering strong growth over the past year reflects this. Analysts continue to recognize Deloitte as a leader across industries, capabilities, and regions, year after year. And we have again been named the world’s strongest and most valuable commercial services brand and among the world’s best workplaces.

This public recognition is underpinned by each of the ways our organization has led with purpose. Across our businesses, Deloitte is focused on guiding organizations’ transformation journeys, helping them navigate their most complex challenges, and serving the public interest by delivering on the growing market demand for climate, energy, nature, equity, and ESG reporting services and solutions. For example, our Sustainability & Climate practice has helped organizations accelerate their sustainability journeys, while we have continued to make meaningful progress on our WorldClimate ambition, advancing our own progress toward science-based net-zero with near-term 2030 goals. We are leveraging our bold investments in AI, data, cloud, and cyber to deliver innovative and advanced technology solutions. And we have advised organizations on redesigning the talent experience, including adapting diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies for a workplace that’s both physical and virtual, while helping ensure our own people have the support, opportunities, and inclusive culture they need to thrive.

Building a more equitable global society

We draw on these same business strengths to help power progress in society, tackling systemic barriers to sustainability, equity, and shared prosperity through our WorldImpact agenda. To help foster a more equitable society, we announced a US$3 billion global societal impact commitment, which complements our WorldClass ambition to impact 100 million people with education and career-building opportunities by 2030. We are proud to be a founding sponsor of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Trustworthy Technology, helping to expand the equitable opportunities of a tech-savvy world.

“Working together, we can help advance equitable and sustainable progress and shared prosperity around the world.”

Measuring and reporting on our impact

With stakeholders continuing to demand greater impact, accountability, and transparency from business, we have set ambitious goals for what is most important to Deloitte. We rigorously measure—and report on—our impact across business, environmental, social, and governance priorities. Measuring our impact helps us keep transforming to meet the ever-changing challenges that face our world.

As an organization that serves as a trusted auditor and advisor to leading companies, we understand the value of external assurance. That’s why, starting with FY2023, selected environmental data in this report has been subject to independent limited assurance. As the assured data illustrates, our organization is progressing on our journey toward a more sustainable future.

Business shapes the world—and we shape business

Deloitte has a deep history of helping business, government, and society adapt to technological and social changes, as well as shaping the contribution that businesses make to society. That is at the heart of what our organization has been doing for 178 years. Working together, we can help advance equitable and sustainable progress and shared prosperity around the world.

Joe Ucuzoglu
Joe Ucuzoglu
Deloitte Global CEO

Anna Marks
Anna Marks
Deloitte Global Chair