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2023 Global Impact Report


At Deloitte, everything starts with trust. That’s the bedrock upon which our organization is built, and the commitment to stakeholders that has been a constant for Deloitte going all the way back to our founding in 1845.

As an auditor and adviser to organizations across industries and throughout the world, Deloitte understands that trust is critical to our business. We continually strengthen and reaffirm Deloitte clients’ trust by bringing to life our Shared Values and our Purpose.

Strong and effective governance helps enable us to deliver on that trust, operate our business ethically, balance the interests of our stakeholders, and serve the public interest. As a purpose-led organization, Deloitte is thoughtful about the company we keep and adheres to responsible business practices.

“Deloitte Global is committed to supporting the UN Global Compact and furthering the Sustainable Development Goals. By coming together around this shared vision, we can collectively create a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future that helps provide opportunities to advance business, people, society, and the world.”

Deloitte Global CEO
Joe Ucuzoglu

Delivering on our stakeholders’ expectations

Deloitte stakeholders expect us to run a responsible and sustainable business, behave ethically and successfully manage risks.

Clients turn to Deloitte to unlock value in new opportunities, deliver innovative services, and devise breakthrough solutions. They trust us to handle their most complex business challenges, conduct high-quality audits, maintain independence, and protect their sensitive information.

Our people count on us to foster an inclusive and equitable workplace, promote their safety and well-being, and support their skills development and career advancement.

Society expects us to act in the public interest, advance sustainability, help eradicate corruption, and provide educational and skill-building opportunities to help empower those seeking a better future.

We hold ourselves accountable by measuring and reporting on our progress across these areas. Our reporting helps our people, clients, and society to evaluate our impact. It also shows how living our purpose is inextricability linked with Deloitte’s ability to deliver sustainable, long-term value, year after year.

Deloitte’s commitment to human rights

Human rights are universal—and as a global organization, at Deloitte we believe we have a duty to help protect these inalienable rights. To affirm this belief, we have published the Deloitte organization’s first network-wide Human Rights Statement.

We are committed to advancing human rights within our organization in the areas of employment and workers’ rights, equality and non-discriminatory treatment, environmental sustainability, education and skills development, anti-corruption, privacy, and trustworthy technology.

Through the commitments we set out in our human rights statement, we are working to create a more just, sustainable, and equitable world.