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Announcing AI-Powered Telecommunication Solutions From Deloitte and NVIDIA

We are excited to announce the launch of AI-powered telecommunication solutions, built in collaboration with NVIDIA, to help telecom clients harness the power of AI to transform their operations and deliver better services to their customers. Deloitte’s Telco solutions, working with NVIDIA, aim to enable the next-gen networks of the future; by utilizing the latest advancements in automation, machine learning and GPU-accelerated AI technologies.

With our AI-powered logistics solution, Deloitte is helping telecom companies optimize their truck rolls by deploying the right technician, taking the best route, and minimizing transportation costs and labor overhead. From the dispatch center to the truck to the job site, these transformational capabilities can deliver a major impact on telco’s daily operations; improving customer satisfaction and addressing pain points that drive operational expenditures.

Deloitte with NVIDIA is at the forefront of bringing value-led, innovative AI solutions to the telecom industry, enabling companies to embed AI in their operations and accelerate their business potential.

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