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2023 Financial Times Global Pharma and Biotech Summit

In-person - Event

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7 - 9 Nov.

14:00 GMT

2023 Financial Times Global Pharma and Biotech Summit

Driving Investment and Innovation in Life Sciences

Join Deloitte at 2023 Financial Times Global Pharma and Biotech Summit, an industry-leading conference which brings together the world’s biggest pharma companies and other major organizations across the life sciences and health care value chain. The annual event is essential for you to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations in life sciences. CEOs, policymakers and thought leaders from around the world will explore new frontiers for business and for health care and discuss what’s new in areas such as drug discovery, clinical trials, market access, and patient engagement.

While the world of life sciences is in a period of relentless disruption and advances in technology are transforming research and development, how are innovative treatments such as mRNA vaccines and cell therapies reshaping health care as we know it? How are companies overcoming the challenge of bringing products to market in an unsettled regulatory environment? As leaders across the pharma industry pursue growth for their companies, many disruptive forces are compelling them to radically transform business models. Technology and innovation are creating new avenues for growth, but the risks of investment are high. How are relations between pharma companies, suppliers, regulators, payers, doctors and patients evolving? Deloitte leaders, along with industry peers, will unpack many of these critical questions and more at this year’s conference.

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Conference themes:

  • Investment: How is global disruption affecting investment in life sciences? Where are investors putting their money? What barriers to dealmaking are causing concern?
  • Innovation: How is artificial intelligence transforming drug discovery? What are the latest next-generation therapies? How are clinical trials evolving?
  • Leadership: How should pharma companies approach ESG? How are key pharma job functions evolving? What are CEOs doing to drive business transformation and growth?

Deloitte participation sessions

Panel: Macro Focus - How is Pharma Responding to Major Reforms and Global Disruption?

Economic uncertainty, geopolitical conflict, climate change, regulatory reform and other disruptive forces are impacting global industries including life sciences. How could the global economic outlook and policy decisions driven by it affect pharmaceutical sales across different markets and regions?


  • Ricardo Marek, President, Europe and Canada Business Unit, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Emma Charles, Senior Vice President, Intercontinental Markets, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Samantha Pearce, Senior Vice President, Europe and International, Jazz Pharmaceuticals
  • Julia Hoover, General Manager, UK and Ireland, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Moderator: Greg Reh, Global Life Sciences & Health Care Industry Leader

Panel: Exploring Options for Strategic Partnerships

The power of partnerships in life sciences is a positive legacy of the pandemic, but on a commercial level the M&A environment is still cautious. When can partnerships be an alternative to M&A and how is the value created?


  • Ryan Richardson, Chief Strategy Officer, BioNTech
  • Renée Aguiar-Lucander, CEO, Calliditas Therapeutics
  • Sean Breen, Head of Public-Private Partnerships and Global Science Policy, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Moderator: Vicky Levy, Global Life Sciences Sector Leader

Panel: How is Patient Engagement Evolving Clinically and Commercially?

From clinical trials to consultations, technology is transforming patient engagement across health systems. How can companies engage with patients online without running foul of advertising restrictions?


  • Hanno Ronte, Partner, Monitor Deloitte
  • Richard Torbett, Chief Executive, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Harpreet Gill, Vice President, Decentralised Clinical Trials, ICON plc
  • Véronique Walsh, General Manager and Vice President, UK and Ireland, Gilead Sciences

Dialogue: Strengthening Supply Chains to Withstand Disruption

On a global scale, economic uncertainty, geopolitical unrest and cyber-threats present evolving risks to supply chain stability. How can cloud services increase efficiency and resilience in pharma supply chains?


  • Matthew Winterman, SVP of Global Supply Chain and Strategy, AstraZenec
  • Stacy Malueg, Head of Supply Chain, US, Genentech

Moderator: Angela Bowden, Partner, Deloitte UK

Panel: Health Equity – How Can Pharma Make a Difference?

How can a commitment to support health equity be aligned with commercial priorities? How are pharma companies addressing a historic lack of investment in women’s health?


  • Liz Hampson, Executive Director, Europe Deloitte Health Equity Institute
  • Fred Roeder, Managing Director, Consumer Choice Center
  • Jayasree K. Iyer, CEO, Access to Medicine Foundation
  • Seyda Atadan Memis, General Manager, UK and Ireland, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Kimberly Smith, Senior Vice President, Head of Research and Development, ViiV Healthcare


ESG Panel: How can Pharma Transform to Meet Evolving Commitments, Regulations and Demands?

Many pharma companies now claim to be making environmental, social and governance (ESG) a priority. What are some examples of changes in areas such as R&D, supply chains and commercialisation being made in pharma companies based on ESG goals?


  • Pinder Sahota, General Manager and Corporate Vice President, United Kingdom, Novo Nordisk
  • Amalia Adler-Waxman, Senior Vice President, Global Head of ESG and Head of Corporate Affairs, International Markets, Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Marie-Andrée Gamache, Country President, Novartis UK and Ireland

Moderator: David Rakowski, Life Sciences & Health Care ESG Lead, Deloitte UK