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Deloitte at Smart City Expo World Congress 2023
Tuesday, 7 November 2023 9:00 AM


7 - 9 Nov.

09:00 am

Deloitte at Smart City Expo World Congress 2023

Deloitte is proud to announce our presence as Global & Industry Partners at Smart City Expo World Congress 2023. Join us at our booth to explore how we are driving urban innovation, addressing pressing city challenges, and creating better futures for communities worldwide.

Create better futures | Fulfilling our dreams through data and technology

Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the world’s biggest and most influential event on urban innovation. Immerse yourself in dynamic discussions that focus on key areas propelling value and enhancing urban ecosystems. Engage with our subject matter specialists, unveiling our contributions across Sustainability, Infrastructure & Buildings, Mobility & Transport, and Digital Modernization encompassing Cyber, AI, and 5G.

Smart City Expo World Congress serves as a platform for leaders to come together and discuss the most pressing challenges facing cities worldwide. We look forward to connecting with you and together shaping the urban landscape of tomorrow.

    "We are putting all our energy and focus on ensuring human centricity is at the core of all our tech developments and innovations."

    Miguel Eiras Antunes, Smart Cities & Urban Transformation, Global Leader, Deloitte

    Deloitte’s Sessions at the Congress

    Our global leaders will lead discussions in the following Congress Sessions:

    Date and hour: Tuesday 07, 14:15h - 15:00h

    Location: Hall 1 | Auditorium

    Decription: Visionary design will lead cities to a new era of thriving, resource-efficient and future-ready urban environments. By embracing technological advancements, decarbonisation principles and innovative infrastructure strategies, cities are being reshaped for the better. How can greener buildings and infrastructure bring cities to a sustainable reality, and towards a technologically enabled, balanced urban landscape?

    Moderator: Ms. Martha Thorne, Senior Advisor, Henrik F. Obel Foundation


    • Mr. Luke Houghton, Global Infrastructure Leader Advisory, Deloitte
    • Mr. Talal Al-Marri, Senior Vice President of Community Services, Aramco
    • Ms. Eszter Dávida, New European Bauhaus + KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre
    • Dr. Peggy Deamer, Professor Emerita, Yale School of Architecture

    Date and hour: Tuesday 07, 15:15h - 16:00h

    Location: Hall 1 | Auditorium

    Moderator: Ms. Nicol Turner Lee, The Brookings Institution


    • Mr. Miguel Eiras Antunes, Smart Cities & Urban Transformation, Global Leader, Deloitte
    • Mr. Andrea Sorri, Segment Development Manager Smart Cities EMEA, Axis Communications
    • Mr. Manminder Takhar, Global Chief Technology Officer – Digital Cities, Dell Technologies
    • Ms. Natalia Olson Urtecho, Growth Advisor & Investor, Rapid Scale VC & Plug and Play


    Date and hour: Tuesday 07, 15:25h - 16:10h

    Location: Hall 2 | Green Room

    Description: Cities have the power to drive change in the fight against the climate crisis. Tackling interconnected urban challenges, including the energy transition or food insecurity, calls for comprehensive solutions. Through curbing emissions, leading scalable projects, and fostering collaboration, cities can enact effective climate action. However, the question remains: which strategies will yield time and cost-effective results in achieving these crucial objectives?

    Moderator: Dr. Hannah Abdullah, Senior Program Officer & Fellow, The German Marshall Fund of the United States


    • Ms. Anna Kowalewska, Global EU Institutions Sustainability Leader
    • Ms. Martina Colman, Head of Climate Science, Climate Essentials
    • Ms. Alis Daniela Torres, Head of Green Digital Transformation ICLEI Europe
    • Ms. Mariana Fiuza, Urban Planner, United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)

    Date and hour: Tuesday 07, 16:45h – 17:35h

    Location: Hall 2 | Tomorrow.Mobility Room

    Description: Buildings generate 40% of annual global carbon emissions. How can cities work with industry to deliver net zero roadmaps while still meeting demand for increased housing, urban services, and infrastructure? Hear from city, industry and NGO leaders on the policies, partnerships and solutions which have begun to move the needle on this global issue.  During this congress session, we will also launch the Whole Life Carbon Assessment Mandates model policy, which our Sustainability and Smart Cities Taskforce members have been working on.

    Moderator: Mr. Jeff Merritt, Head of Centre of Urban Transformation, World Economic Forum


    • Mr. Jean Barroca, Global Public Sector Digital Modernization Leader, Deloitte
    • Ms. Nidhi Gulati, Principal, Business Consulting, Sustainability & Design, Infosys
    • Ms. Kelly Alvarez Doran, Senior Fellow, Architecture2030 & Co-founder of Half Climate Design
    • Ms. Irene Skoula, Director, Energy and Buildings, C40 Cities 

    Date and hour: Wednesday 08, 13:30h – 14:30h

    Location: Hall 2 | Tomorrow.Mobility Room

    Description: Despite policies and industrial priorities heavily pushing for the electrification of transportation, challenges related to design, lifecycle, and sourcing of critical metals are threatening to prevent the realisation of 2030 objectives. This session will discuss the various requirements to accelerate the uptake of vehicles with smaller, more efficient batteries without compromising range, as we race to net zero.

    Moderator: Mr. Carlo van de Weijer, General Manager of the Eindhoven AI Systems Institute, University of Eindhoven


    • Mr. Harald Proff, Global Automotive Sector Leader, Deloitte
    • Ms. Jennifer Dungs, Global Head of Mobility, EIT InnoEnergy
    • Ms. Rocio Paniagua Oliver, Low-Emission Vehicle Programme Manager, Electronics Watch
    • Ms. Martyna Zielinska, Senior Logistics Development Specialist, Łukasiewicz - Poznański Instytut
    • Ms. Mª Dolores Ortíz Sánchez, General Director, Ayuntamiento de Madrid

    Deloitte Booth Talks

    Join us at our 310sqm booth, to discover our latest solutions, thought leadership and case studies, and attend a series of engaging presentations:
    • How can infrastructure provide transformative benefits to society and improve quality of life for all?

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 11:00h – 11:30h

    Speakers: Luke Houghton, Global Infrastructure Leader, Deloitte


    • Yes SF, Leading urban transformation with the World Economic Forum, Deloitte & Salesforce

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 11:30h – 12:00h

    Speakers: Marcin Skucz, Managing Director, Deloitte & Jeff Merritt, Head of Urban Transformation, World Economic Forum & Dr. Carolin Möller, Digital Transformation Public Sector, Director, Salesforce


    • Road to net zero: Policy enablers for unlocking smart-city development in Europe

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 12:00h – 12:30h

    Speakers: Michelle Hill, Executive, Economic Advisory, Deloitte


    • Global Cities, Local Action: The Future of Infrastructure for Good

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 13:30h – 14:15h

    Speakers: Brian Greenberg, Global GPS 5G/Edge Leader, Deloitte &

    Honorable Michael Hancock, former Mayor of Denver, CO

    Mayor Victoria Woodards, City of Tacoma, WA - President of the National League of Cities (NLC)

    Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, City of Los Angeles, CA - Chair of Finance & Budget Committee

    Mayor Melissa Blaustein, City of Sausalito, CA


    • How Deloitte aims to help the region of Porto to reduce their climate footprint and become climate positive

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 15:00h – 15:30h

    Speakers: Ricardo Martins, Associate Partner, Deloitte & Rui Pimenta, Board Member, AdePorto


    • Data Spaces: Unlocking the Power of Connected Information - a check of the state of art

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 15:30h – 16:00h

    Speakers: Ricardo Martins, Associate Partner, Deloitte & Cristina Brandtstetter, Chief Marketing Officer, FIWARE & Tonia Sapia, Senior Marketing and Project Manager, FIWARE


    • Building a scalable and interoperable Smart City platform using Garnet Framework

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 16:00h – 16:30h

    Speakers: Ricardo Martins, Associate Partner, Deloitte & Ali Benfattoum, Principal PMT-ES AWS IoT, AWS

    • Energy optimisation in Buildings

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 10:30h – 11:00h

    Speakers: Sandra Kaae Bauer, Director, Deloitte & Jean Barroca, Global Public Sector Digital Modernization Leader, Deloitte 


    • AI, Digital Twins, and UAS solutions for infrastructure inspections and security

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 11:00h – 11:30h

    Speakers: Peter Liu, Consulting Managing Director, Deloitte & Ashley Smith, DC Manager, Deloitte 

    • Look to Norway: How to reduce GHG emissions, noise and pollution as well as improve the quality of life in urban areas

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 11:30h – 12:00h

    Speakers: Vanja Bjerch, Manager at Monitor, Deloitte & Malin Bismo Lerudsmoen, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Public Roads Administration

    • The fusion of state-of-art payments and tech for frictionless mobility

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 12:00h – 12:30h

    Speakers: Ricardo Martins, Associate Partner, Deloitte & Chapin Flynn, Senior Vice President at Mastercard & Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, CEO, Ubririder

    • Local Digital Twins - building a new urban data ecosystem in the EU

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 12:30h – 13:00h

    Speakers: Jean Barroca, Global Public Sector Digital Modernization & Synergy General Manager, Deloitte & Ana Robalo, Manager, Deloitte & Inês Ramos, Strategy and Analytics and EU Institutions Director, Deloitte & Karl-Filip Coenegrachts, Chair, Open and Agile Smart Cities Network (OASC) 

    • Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainability

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 14:00h – 14:30h

    Speakers: Margarida Pisco, Manager, Deloitte

    • Synergy: Transforming cities for a better tomorrow

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 14:30h – 15:00h

    Speakers:  Nuno Afonso, Partner, Deloitte & Justin Herman, Global Public Sector and Area Vice President, ServiceNow & Marta Cotrim, Head of marketing and innovation team, Cascais Municipality 

    • Towards a Blueprint for a Mobility-as-a-Service Ecosystem

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 15:00h – 15:30h

    Speakers: Harald Proff, Global Automotive Sector Leader, Deloitte & Ricardo Ferrão, Consulting Solutions Leader for Transportation Industry, Deloitte & Ingo Schmuckall, Director Automotive Mobility, Deloitte & Katherine Rothmann, Global Automotive Sector Specialist, Deloitte & Gero Hiegemann, University of Duisburg-Essen, Int. Automobil Management 

    • The Future of Cities powered by Salesforce

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 15:30h – 16:00h

    Speakers: Chris Dreyfus-Gibson, Senior Manager, Deloitte & Charlie Isaacs, VP and CTO for Customer Connection, Salesforce 

    • Integrated Cyber Physical Security Ecosystem

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 10:30h – 11:00h

    Speakers: Piyush Pandey, Global & US Smart Cities Cyber Leader, Deloitte & André Correia Sousa, Senior Manager, Deloitte & João Francisco Silva, Tech Senior, Deloitte

    • How Gen AI empowers cities, enhancing people’s lives through personalized services and connectivity

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 10:00h – 10:30h

    Speakers: Jean Barroca, Global Public Sector Digital Modernization Leader, Deloitte & Lara Bothur, Global Voice for Innovation & Corporate Tech Influencer, Deloitte & Charbel Aoun, Sr. Director Smart Spaces Business Development, NVIDIA 

    • Future Ready Initiative

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 10:45h – 11:15h

    Speakers: Miguel Eiras Antunes, Smart Cities & Urban Transformation, Global Leader, Deloitte & Sajid Khan, General Manager, Smart Cities & Transportation Strategy & Marketing, Intel Corporation & Justin Herman, Global Public Sector Area Vice-President, ServiceNow & Lou Celi, Chief Executive, ThoughtLab 

    • Kyiv, Ukraine – Navigating today’s challenges, while preparing for the future

    Venue: Deloitte Booth

    Time: 11:30h – 12:00h

    Speakers: Tomasz Ochrymowicz, Global Future of Ukraine, Deloitte & Denys Nazarenko, CIO Advisor, Kyiv City Council & Anna Szterenfeld, Director, ThoughtLab

    Ecosystems & alliances


    Through our strategic collaborations with some of the world’s largest technology firms and innovators, we are shaping the future.


    Together with Salesforce, we empower our clients to respond to the dynamic environment and reimagine their interactions with employees, suppliers, and customers.

    Prompted by the extraordinary potential of data and AI, we can deliver Trustworthy AI™ for CRM, enabling our clients to seize the competitive edge with confidence. With trust as our guiding principle, we can help you create bespoke customer engagement and unlock new dimensions of productivity advancement.


    Smarter workflows can lead to value-creating outcomes and a better future for everyone. Deloitte + ServiceNow are re-architecting work to help give your organization the critical tools to absorb today’s continuous flow of disruptions.


    Innovation is only the beginning. Driving real-world impact is the end game, and Deloitte and AWS can help you get there.

    Deloitte at Smart City Expo World Congress 2023

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      Join Deloitte at Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 as we shape the future of urban environments and forge impactful partnerships that pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.