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Innovation in Mining series

Enabling miners to deliver superior value

The future for mining lies in innovation—to succeed and deliver superior value. Globally, the mining industry is under pressure to integrate innovation into core business operations. This series of reports highlights the mining trends around the world and examines current perspectives on innovation.

Innovation in mining: Latin America 2017

The Innovation in mining: Latin American 2017 study outlines the broader issues LATAM mining sector faces and how they can address the gaps in their innovating capabilities. It also explores Doblin’s multi-faceted approach that can help miners improve innovation effectiveness.

Deloitte examined 17 mining companies (both majors and minors) in six countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, to provide a comparison between the innovation activities undertaken by mining companies in Latin America and around the world.

Innovation in mining: Australia 2016

The Australian mining industry is going through one of the most intense periods of change we have ever seen, and the ability to innovate—to evolve, adapt, and improve—is indispensable.

The Innovation in mining Australia 2016 report highlights results on the state of innovation at work in Australia, presenting the innovation landscape as it stands and identifying key innovation drivers and focus areas from which to bring to life the mine of tomorrow.

Innovation in Mining: Africa 2016

The African mining sector is in the early stages of innovation, and it’s now time to move forward and create the mine of tomorrow.

This report is derived from the Africa Innovation in Mining study conducted by Monitor Deloitte and Mining Indaba, which is aimed at understanding how mining companies on the continent are innovating in order to strengthen and enhance their efforts. The survey examined current perspectives on and realities of innovation through a series of executive interviews and using the Innovation Scorecard survey methodology developed by the Deloitte innovation unit, Doblin.

Innovation in Mining: Canada 2015

Innovation is critical to success and growth at a time when the mining industry is at crossroads. How can majors, juniors, and service companies successfully navigate the downturn?

In this report, Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) and Monitor Deloitte examine the strategic, organizational, financial and performance requirements to develop and support an innovative environment within companies.

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