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Energy, Resources & Industrials

Every moment of every day, society depends on Energy, Resources & Industrials companies—from lighting and heating our homes, enabling transport and travel, to powering industrial growth. Balancing the trilemma of security of supply, affordability and environment is becoming ever more complex, alongside the need to reimagine use of the world’s resources and reinvent our energy system.

We’re on a mission to illuminate possibilities

At Deloitte, we’re rolling up our sleeves alongside the world’s most innovative companies to address some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.  

Each industry is important: From Energy & Chemicals, Power, Utilities & Renewables, Mining & Metals to Manufacturing, Construction and Aerospace—each sector is vital to our daily lives and each one has a role to play in building a more sustainable planet. 

Each problem can be addressed: We are at a pivotal moment in human history and modern society, requiring collaboration within and across industries to address some of the world’s most complex problems. We’re helping to convene brilliant minds across our ecosystem, to amplify innovative ideas and solutions. 

Net-zero tomorrow demands all-in today: Each industry has a responsibility to address climate change. Deloitte, together with Energy, Resources & Industrials companies, is driving the innovations that can lead us forward.  

More minds equal more possibilities: We have assembled some of the brightest minds, with diverse points of view, to help broaden our perspective, because it can take the power of many to tackle the some of world’s most pressing challenges. 

Sustainability and profitability can coexist: We’re accelerating transformation and fusing purpose with profit, to help create a future as rewarding as it is sustainable. 

Illuminating the possibilities of Energy, Resources & Industrials. Fueling humanity’s progress today. Protecting it tomorrow.

Our thinking

Explore Energy, Resources & Industrials

Energy & Chemicals

Our network of practitioners helps Energy & Chemicals companies navigate complexity, accelerate the pace of innovation, and supply the energy the world needs in a lower-carbon way.  

Power, Utilities & Renewables

Our practitioners can help you anticipate and respond to complex market challenges and resulting opportunities by offering a broad range of services, innovation, and critical thinking.   

Mining & Metals

From lithium-ion batteries to alloy steel, nearly every consumer and business sector requires raw materials or intermediate goods from the mining and metals industry to grow and operate, as well as to decarbonize and transform.  

Industrial Products & Construction

By shaping raw materials into semi-finished goods, and delivering key services, the Industrial Products & Construction industry is an important part of the global value chain, and vital to enabling a sustainable future.