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E-Invoicing & E-Reporting: How we support you in this transformation

Our four-step approach towards a fully implemented e-invoicing & e-reporting executed strategy for your organization

Embark on our transformative journey

Prior to embarking on your e-invoicing journey, you may want to engage in critical reflections on technology choices, strategic approach and operational considerations. We are committed to guiding you through this transformative process. Our scenario-based advisory journey is designed to address key reflections and assist you in making informed decisions on technology, approach, and operational considerations.

Drawing from our extensive experience and deep understanding of the digital tax landscape, we aim to be your strategic and operational partner on this transformative journey. Our end-to-end offering is meticulously crafted to facilitate every aspect of your e-invoicing & e-reporting journey.

Our solution-agnostic and scenario-based approach is organized into four comprehensive phases, each thoughtfully & individually tailored to your company's opportunities, challenges, and specific requirements associated with digital tax obligations. Whether you're starting with formulating a comprehensive centralized strategy, reaching the go-live stage, or want to stay up to date with our advanced continuous monitoring, we stand prepared to support you every step of the way.
We apply a four-step approach:

Solutions we offer

Our team has insights in the paradigm of different types of solutions in the market. We offer guidance choosing the right solution for your business and lead the way to full usage. We deliver expertise and knowledge on (1) integrated ERP solutions and also have certain bolt-on accelerators (i.e SAP DRC). Additionally, there are several e-invoicing players in the market, (2) local providers specializing in specific formats for various jurisdictions, and (3) global providers via our extensive global network. Finally, we extend our support through (4) distinct middleware solutions. Middleware solutions operate through a centralized integration on a data platform, enabling the seamless addition of products and services via centralized management.

Deloitte Middleware

Our approach, Pick and Match, tailors a single, expertly crafted solution to meet your unique needs. Utilizing a single-source, multi-tenant software, we cater to diverse business requirements by offering customizable modules for selection and combination.This allows us to curate the ideal solution for your organization. In addition to traditional e-invoicing, our intelligent data analytics module ('Intellitax') empowers you to automate tax-related processes, enhance compliance, and' strengthen internal controls.

The data tower serves as the central foundation of our middleware solution, extracting and formatting data from your ERP and other sources. This pivotal structure connects to various pillars catering to your organization's specific needs. You have the flexibility to choose different pillars/modules within the data tower. Deloitte's solution seamlessly integrates expertise and technology from diverse sources into a system-agnostic platform, offering a unified and comprehensive solution.

Our key features

  • Goes beyond e-invoicing
  • Facilitates e-reporting and VAT reporting
  • Strategic asset
  • Future proof
  • Unmatched insights
  • Truly end-to-end

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