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The (r)evolution towards e-invoicing

Choose an efficient and long-term solution for your business!

Are you ready to make the leap to e-invoicing and to take your business to the next level? Let’s explore together what e-invoicing entails, when it will apply and what steps you need to take to ensure a successful switch.

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Facturation today vs. e-invoicing

The world has already experienced a number of big transitions: from traditional cars to electric cars, from analogue cameras to digital cameras and then to smartphones, from television to streaming services, and the list goes on. What impact will the EU legislation have on you?  These evolutions have an impact on our daily lives and the way in which we do business. Similarly, invoicing and reporting processes are also set to undergo a digital transformation.

E-invoicing goes beyond simply sending a PDF invoice by e-mail. E-invoicing involves sending, receiving, processing and storing invoices in a structured data format between businesses in a secure network, such as Peppol, an interconnected global e-invoicing network. With this in mind, it’s important to choose a software program that meets your needs.

The (r)evolution towards e-invoicing will mean a change to the way you work, but it will also bring various benefits, such as increased efficiency and streamlined processes. 

Preparing for the future of e-invoicing: How? 

Dive into the world of e-invoicing solutions with us.

We'll guide you in identifying the ideal tool that not only meets your current needs but also serves as the right solution for the future.

With our expertise, you'll make the most thoughtful and future-proof choices.

You can opt for our advisory support, where you take the lead and we provide direction, or you can choose full support, where we take on the complete management of your e-invoicing journey.

Consider which approach best aligns with your business priorities and preferences

Frequently asked questions

With e-invoicing, invoices are electronically sent, received, processed, and stored between companies in a secure network like Peppol, one of the global e-invoicing networks that interconnect. This means that your invoice data is no longer confined to paper documents but seamlessly transferred via standardized formats such as XML or UBL.

Peppol stands for ‘Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line’ and is an international e-invoicing network that connects businesses and governments. 

E-reporting goes beyond the sending and processing of invoices, and involves the exchange of reports and documentation with the government with short and strict deadlines. This means a fully automated and efficient process from beginning to end. 

From 2026, all taxpayers based in Belgium will be required to switch to e-invoicing for their Belgian B2B and B2G transactions. From 2028, this will become a European requirement, but stay informed as not all countries will make the transition at the same time.



  • Dynamic cash flow management: accelerate your payment cycles and minimise delays for improved liquidity.
  • Accuracy and compliance: reduce errors and comply with strict fiscal standards.
  • Seamless efficiency: reduce costs with a streamlined invoicing process.
  • Maximise your resources: automate repetitive tasks and give your team the space to focus on what is important.
  • Strategic data insights: use rich data for carefully considered decisions that stimulate growth. 


  • Align with dynamic EU legislation: opt for a system that governs both current and future EU legislation and ensures its cross-border integration.
  • Choices in a diverse system landscape: find a solution in the wide range of available solutions that offers efficiency and scalability.
  • Precision takes priority: in a world of instantly reported, definitive digital invoices, error-free working is essential.
  • Time pressure towards 2026: it is vital to take action now. Seize the opportunity to review and digitise your financial processes.

Think ahead, plan smart. Be informed and discuss the optimal e-invoicing solution with your Deloitte accountant!

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