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Deloitte Belgium appoints Rolf Driesen as next CEO

Head of Consulting will lead Deloitte as of 1 June 2023

Deloitte Belgium, the leading professional services firm in Belgium, announces the appointment of Rolf Driesen as the new CEO, following Deloitte’s official leadership rotation. As of 1 June 2023, Rolf will take over the role of current CEO, Piet Vandendriessche.


Brussels, Belgium – Monday, 12 December,2022

Every four years, Deloitte holds a partner sounding to appoint their next-generation leader. After soundings of the 230 Belgian partners, Rolf Driesen has been appointed CEO, with a four-year mandate beginning June 1, 2023. Currently, Rolf is leading the Consulting practice of Deloitte, which represents over 1,850 of the 6,000 Deloitters in Belgium. 

With his 20+ years of experience in consultancy, his proximity to the business world and its ever-evolving changes, Rolf Driesen is in an excellent position to take on the role of CEO. Rolf and his leadership team will further develop the organisation, its current market leadership, its commitment to outstanding quality and reliability, and its position as a crucial and sustainable partner for organisations facing the economic and societal challenges of today.”

Nikolaas Tahon, Chair of Deloitte Belgium

Rolf Driesen takes over from Piet Vandendriessche, who has held the position of CEO at Deloitte Belgium for two consecutive terms. Under the leadership of Piet Vandendriessche, Deloitte Belgium has seen steady and sustainable growth, confirming its undisputed leadership within the industry. During his two terms as CEO, the organisation grew from 3,100 people in 2016 to 6,000 today, with revenues of €432 million in 2016 to €706 million in the 2022 financial year ended 31 May 2022. Piet steered Deloitte Belgium towards an integrated delivery model that provided innovative, sustainable solutions to clients. He led the firm to become a successful, purpose-driven organisation built on quality, and on commitment to diversity, inclusion and sustainability. This has made the firm a magnet for talent, with 1,500 hires in the last financial year.

“Piet has a great leadership style, driven by transparent communication, positive change, and collaboration. He is able to see what is possible very early on and moves towards his objectives in a values-driven way, being outspoken about the importance of living up to our values in every decision we take. That has made him a strong leader whom I deeply respect. I plan to further build on the strong foundations Piet and the team have laid and will continue to lead the firm towards a successful, sustainable, and bright future.”

Rolf Driesen


Rolf Driesen joined Deloitte in 2002, becoming a partner in 2006. He was appointed as Managing Partner Consulting in 2016. The Belgian Consulting practice has grown from €107 million in revenues in 2016 to more than €250 million today. Rolf, together with his leadership team, has elevated the industry specialisation in the Consulting practice, reinforced the collaboration with alliance partners, promoted multi-disciplinary collaboration to address complex client challenges in an integrated way. He created an environment where people can learn and grow in an accelerated way, and have societal impact through client work and high impact practice initiatives.

“With the continued conflict in Ukraine, short and long term energy challenges, and an inflationary environment of which the impact is still unfolding, we are all confronted by uncertain circumstances. As a firm with broad coverage of all segments of the Belgian market, including private family companies, large international organisations and the public sector, we have deep insights into what truly matters for different stakeholders. More than half of our business is regulated – by the audit, accountancy and tax professions - and we have an important role to play in the market as a leading firm, upholding high standards in all of our professional services.  I will draw on my experience of advising corporate clients in critical business transformations, and it is my ambition, together with all my fellow partners and over 6.000 talented people, to further develop Deloitte Belgium, a key geography in the Deloitte international network, as a purposeful, high-qualitative, client-centric and sustainable organisation for our clients, our people, and for our society as a whole,”

says Rolf Driesen.


Rolf takes on the role of CEO-elect from now until the official start of his mandate on 1 June 2023. Piet remains at the head of the organisation until 31 May 2023. He will further carry out the plans for 2023 and ensure a smooth transition to the new leadership.

"Rolf is an exceptional leader and I am proud and grateful to be able to pass the baton to him. We have worked together closely for many years, and I know he will do an excellent job as our new leader.” 

Speaking of his successor, Piet Vandendriessche says,


Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium:

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Rolf Driesen, CEO-elect Deloitte Belgium:

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