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Optimising value creation

Asset management is critical to the business success of large-scale infrastructure companies. The NGIN Asset Management solution can help businesses optimize the way assets are handled and achieve asset management goals, covering the key components of an asset management system.

NGIN Asset Management

Our services are tailored to the company’s maturity level ranging from the Asset Management fundamentals (Asset Management Immersion) to a full-blown ISO55000 maturity scan and gap assessment.

Asset Management (AM) Immersion

This solution will:

  • Introduce asset management principles and guidelines
  • Help realize the value of asset management
Asset Management Maturity Assessment (AMMA)

This solution will:

  • Assess current asset maturity with a quick survey and benchmark results with peers in the industry
  • Identify improvement opportunities
Asset Management Improvement Program

This solution will:

  • Develop and execute capability building plans
  • Help maximize asset value
ISO55000 standard

This solution will:

  • Conduct maturity scan and gap assessment
  • Develop improvement plans and strategic road-mapping

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Asset Management: A Risk-Based Approach


Energy & Resources Benchmark Survey

The objective of this survey is twofold; first of all, it gathers information on the overall maturity level of a company’s risk-based asset management activities, and secondly, it helps to identify new challenges, critical issues and risks Energy & Resources companies are facing today. 

Download the Energy and Resources benchmark survey

Asset information Management


Cracking the code

We recognise that asset management is not just about fixing an immediate problem, it’s about driving long-term value for customers, shareholders and society. To that end, we help our clients to approach asset management from a holistic perspective, delivering the value required.

Download the Asset Information Management Survey

This solution will:

  • Assess the health of an asset and its corresponding risk level
  • Determine or improve processes for identifying, analyzing, mitigating, monitoring, and reporting risks

This solution will:

  • Simulate long-, mid- and short-term planning
  • Aligns investments and asset management strategic objectives

This solution will:

  • Reduced legal risks
  • Determine the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of assets

Our NGIN solutions

We offer tailored solutions around the following domains:

  1. Insights (IoT/Analytics)
  2. Asset Management
  3. Data & Information Management