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NGIN Data & Information Management

Prepare your organization to get data driven

NGIN Data & Information Management can help organizations lay the foundations needed to become more data-driven. Based on an organization’s maturity, the NGIN Data & Information Management solution can help a business determine its information management strategy and targets and identify the governance and core elements to reach its goals.

NGIN Data & Information Management

Prepare your organization to get data driven

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Asset information Management

Cracking the code

Large-scale infrastructure networks, such as electricity, gas, water and telco, are the cornerstone of economic and social development. On the one hand, these networks are becoming more and more connected and digital (e.g. smart grids, IoT). On the other hand, they are becoming more multifunctional (e.g. hydrogen transport over gas networks). This introduces technical complexities and new challenges with respect to integration and reliability, but also a transformation in the way of thinking and working.

Our NGIN solutions

We offer tailored solutions around the following domains:

  • Insights (IoT/Analytics)
  • Asset Management
  • Data & Information Management
  • Renewables & Engineering
Developed for you

Deloitte developed NGIN solutions together with its industrial partner Fluvius, guaranteeing a pragmatic and proven industry-tailored solution that will help you to overcome the challenges you face and take advantage of the opportunities they create.

Asset Information Management

Cracking the Code

NGIN Insights Collection January 2018