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Advanced analytics to assist with proactive detection of fraud, waste, corruption and abuse.


The longer fraud perpetrators go undetected, the greater financial and reputational harm they can cause an organisation. Reactive investigations respond to specific allegations, but are often focussed on mitigating past malfeasance. Proactive prevention of future issues is often not addressed. Establishing effective misconduct monitoring can be a monumental task in today’s data-driven world. Good intentions are often impeded by data quality and volumes, diversity of sources, scarce domain and analytical skills, and perceived expense of technology and training. can help you work through these issues using flexible and scalable technology.


Our approach


With three decades of experience working on some of the world’s largest fraud investigations, we recognise that a cost effective, flexible and scalable approach is critical to an effective misconduct monitoring solution.


Key components:

  • Short pilot studies to focus the organisation’s efforts on addressing existing risk areas. The insights from these pilots are then used to assess the case for expanded monitoring.
  • Case tracking, to facilitate a consistent methodology and process to help the organisation prioritise, resolve and document at-risk transactions.
  • Use of an organisation’s existing tools and technologies, or technologies in Deloitte’s secure technical environment, to limit unnecessary licensing costs and delays.
  • Advanced analytics approaches, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, designed to identify anomalies and emerging issues with fewer false positives.