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Connecting trust, resilience and security

How can we thrive in the face of uncertainty? By connecting trust, resilience and security to make a positive impact on the world. We’re ready to help you grow your business responsibly, making it strong and sustainable, and primed for enduring success.

With powerful and practical solutions in cyber, strategy, regulation and controls combined with deep business knowledge across multi-disciplinary teams, we’ll work with you to connect trust, resilience and security to empower your organisation.

Issues that impact your business

Rapid acceleration of digital transformation has increased the speed and scale of cyber threats, making it much more complex for organisations to innovate and transform securely. Effective management and smooth recovery from cyber incidents requires careful preparation.

Organisations must consider cyber in everything to enable speed, scale and success of strategic initiatives. As innovation accelerates, there’s growing convergence between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) environments.

Together with connected devices, cyber will help you scale and increase your abilities to meet the needs of your customers. With a sound cyber strategy embedded across the enterprise, you can empower your people with understanding, connection and trust for a digitally connected future.

Are your transformation strategies making you a target?

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In an increasingly global regulatory environment, where new regulations are continually coming in scope, a robust compliance infrastructure helps you identify what’s required now, and what you need to prepare for tomorrow. 

A business-wide view gives you a better understanding of your regulatory compliance strategy and moves you beyond silos. A centralised and standardised program means you can put internal resources to better use, derive insights and get ahead with a compliance program that’s proactive not just reactive.

With a sound, tech-enabled compliance strategy, you have the power to keep up with changing regulatory requirements and move forward with confidence.

Is your compliance program ready for what’s coming next?

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Adversity can hit you at any time and in many forms – geopolitical, legal, commercial, strategic. Or, it can come from within, where incidents may jeopardise assets, reputation or financial standing. Add cyberthreats, natural and man-made events and we see the importance of resilience for any organisation.  

Resilient businesses effectively monitor events and take action. Using a comprehensive crisis management plan, they're able to not just limit damage but have an enduring positive impact on profits, people and planet.  

With a comprehensive resiliency plan in place, you can reduce the likelihood of market value decline or brand and reputation damage due to a real or perceived incident or system failure. So, whatever challenges come at you, as a resilient business, you’ll not only be more prepared for them, but emerge stronger.
When a crisis hits, will you have the clarity and confidence you need? 
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More and more organisations are committing to net-zero and embracing ESG across different parts of the business. This, combined with increasing pressure from investors, regulators, governments, consumers and internal stakeholders, has made acting on issues of climate and sustainability an imperative for every organisation. Businesses are investing in defining their approach and planning their sustainability journey for the future. 
Your unique journey may include developing sustainable supply chains, incorporating circular models of production and consumption, sustainable finance or better ESG integration, reporting and disclosure. While these are undoubtedly positive steps forward which can protect and improve margins, build brand value and enhance resilience, they are steps in a continual transformation journey which also create risks of their own. 
The right guidance is key to understanding the complexities – whether it’s risk exposure, scenario planning and stress testing, low-carbon operating models, ESG reporting advisory or green or social bond assurance, and everything in between.
Where are you on your climate and sustainability journey?
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As new technologies emerge, the marketplace moves faster and grows more connected by the minute. The partnerships and alliances you make are critical for operations but can expose your organisation to risk.  

Improved visibility of your ecosystem helps you maximise the performance of partners and navigate the associated risks.

With the right extended enterprise risk management, you can receive real-time updates on how your third parties are performing against risks that are important to you. This can help spot weaknesses in processes and controls, and avoid failures so that contractual obligations are met, ensuring expected value is received while threats to valuable infrastructure and data are minimised. 

Third party relationships, how well do you connect?

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The emergence and adoption of new digital technologies has sparked new ways for businesses to interact with their customers, vendors and employees. Innovations such as cloud, AI, machine learning, robotics and big data have enabled new business models, re-engineered processes and redistributed decision making.
While digital innovation has had a hugely positive impact on people and businesses, it has also created new risks for organisations to mitigate. From AI bias to cloud security, data protection and more.
Resilient businesses not only embrace innovation quickly, but sustainably, engaging across the organisation to build a comprehensive view of risks and using new technology to mitigate them.
How can you embrace new technologies while mitigating risks?
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