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Stay ahead of the game

As it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent infiltrations and unauthorised activity, organisations need threat awareness and advanced detection solutions to rapidly identify anomalous activity in their environments. Deloitte’s vigilant services integrate threat data, IT data, and business data to equip security teams with context-rich intelligence to proactively detect and manage cyber threats, and respond more effectively to cyber incidents. We help organisations understand their threat landscape—who might attack and why—and build situational awareness to stay ahead of threats.

We offer:

  • Advanced threat readiness and preparation – We simulate tactics used by real attackers to test existing threat response mechanisms, highlight areas of weakness, and ensure all aspects of the response system work together seamlessly.
  • Cyber risk analytics – We identify which threats are most relevant and, more importantly, which have the potential to do the most damage. Using this information, organisations can quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively focus on protecting the most critical and vulnerable parts of the network.
  • Security operations center (SOC) – We work with clients across the entire SOC lifecycle – from design and deployment, through the operation and optimisation. With experience in leading SIEM technologies, we provide 24/7 monitoring that can complement your existing capabilities and existing SIEM technology, or alternatively leveraging our own multitenant cloud hosted SIEM.
  • Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) – We provide a proactive threat hunting service that goes beyond tradition MDR solutions - using telemetry from Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools, log data from a Cyber Data Lake, SIEM platforms and other tools in your environment. MXDR by Deloitte provides military-grade threat hunting, prevention, detection, incident response, and remediation, while unburdening you of the cost and complexity of having to build and maintain the infrastructure on your own.
  • Threat intelligence and analysis – We provide curated threat intelligence as a service that offers actionable intelligence, allowing organisations to proactively protect against threats before they happen. Our threat intelligence capabilities include the design, deployment and operation of market leading Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP), extended integration and optimisation of existing investments, and services such as a virtual analyst to complement and extend your existing capabilities.