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Crunch time, too: CFOs talk off the record about Finance in a digital world

CFO perspectives on Finance in a digital world

This report is a follow-up to Crunch time: Finance in a digital world, and provides a unique glimpse into what CFOs themselves are thinking about finance and what it means to make the digital journey

When our organisation does research with CFOs, we often uncover gold mines of insights. That happened during interviews with 30 finance executives about digital finance transformation in their global businesses. Our initial analysis of those conversations focused on specific digital technologies.

In this report we share the unfiltered perspectives of 30 global CFOs on what it means to make the digital journey. In their own terms, CFOs provide their insights and experiences around a range of topics relating to digital finance transformation including data, analytics, agility, apps and technology.

While there’s no single prescription for how a CFO should respond to the changes being caused by digital, the report highlights some suggested options for action.

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