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City Services

Transforming councils for a safer and more connected community

Deloitte City Services is a digital council services solution-in-a-box, that offers a simple, scalable and high-value way for councils to start their digital transformation journey. 

Council communities are where citizens, visitors, and businesses feel connected and confident to call home. This means local governments have an important role and duty in serving and engaging their communities to attract population and maintain their workforce. Digital technology has become critical in achieving this to modernise processes, operations, and experiences.

Use a ready-to-go digital platform to unlock customer and employee satisfaction through request automation, customer-sufficiency, and increased operational transparency for thousands of citizens from day 1. 

"We worked with Deloitte to reimagine and reshape how we can embrace digital to deliver services. Now we’re a modern local Council that can offer real solutions and drive innovation across the entire business."

- Sabrina Peroumal, Executive Manager Corporate Support Systems, Campbelltown City Council

  • Delivers significant time and effort savings: up to 150 hours of manual effort saved annually
  • Available as an accelerator and as-a-service to further increase the benefits
  • New features available three times a year to further increase value realisation
  • Proven customer and employee satisfaction with a track record of 30+ city services transformed
  • Reduce service processing costs by up to 90%
  • Savings and value delivered within 6 weeks
  • Improved service resolution time and visibility