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Digital saves the day for a growing community.

How does a busy and beautiful Sydney Council keep its responsiveness on par with a burgeoning local community? By using a ready-to-go digital platform as the key to unlock customer and employee satisfaction, consequently enhancing interactions with thousands of residents – while also significantly increasing efficiencies and reducing cost to serve. It’s a win-win-win. 

Situated in Sydney’s West, Campbelltown City Council is home to a rapidly growing population of over 170,000 inhabitants who live, work and play across the Council’s 34 suburbs. And with the imminent opening of the new Western Sydney Airport, it’s expected even more Sydneysiders will want to move to the area.

To stay one step ahead of its residents’ ever evolving needs, the Council realised that a digital platform would best support its growing community while also enhancing accessibility to, as well as the safety and reliability of, its multiple services.

To date, the Council has used online forms for high-volume requests such as lodging requests for hard rubbish removal or to report dumping. However, with no digital processing behind the scenes to link relevant internal systems and processes with engineers in the field, Council teams relied on manual processes between systems and departments to action and follow up on requests. Customers also had to either phone or visit the Council office to find out the status of their requests. Like many City Councils, this was a bit of a ‘black box’. Inevitably, this process led to lots of waiting, several follow up calls, duplication of requests and unhappy constituents.

Sabrina Peroumal, Executive Manager, Corporate Support Systems, Campbelltown City Council, explains, “We knew our citizens wanted to engage with us digitally. But multiple touchpoints within Council – mostly paper-based – resulted in inefficiencies which frustrated citizens.”

“Like most other Councils, we have limited resources to undertake a full digital transformation, so we wanted a simple, scalable, digital solution – delivered as a service – that would allow us to improve service resolution time and deliver value quickly.”

“We worked with Deloitte to reimagine and reshape how we can embrace digital to deliver services. Now we’re a modern local Council that can offer real solutions and drive innovation across the entire business.” 
Sabrina Peroumal, Executive Manager Corporate Support Systems, Cambelltown City Council

Digitising Cambelltown's services

Deloitte Digital, worked with the Council to implement Deloitte’s ‘Council-in-a-box’ product called Deloitte City Services. The solution is designed to improve experiences for residents and Council staff, as well as deliver efficiencies and improve accuracy and availability of Council performance data. Built on Salesforce, the new solution enables Council to quickly accept and process service requests, delegate work to third parties, streamline processes and improve performance reporting.

The pre-built solution provided the Council with case management capabilities within six weeks. After running a successful pilot, additional services were released iteratively, allowing businesses and customers to use, review, and share feedback on their experience. By focusing on high-value customer requests first, the team aimed to automate processes, build customer self-sufficiency and increase operational transparency. Now 30 city services are being processed using Deloitte City Services, which means locals can lodge requests directly to the Council using the web or a smart phone and enjoy real-time visibility of their request status. The Council has measured the results and found that they save over 150 hours of manual effort each year, while reducing service processing costs by up to 90%. 

Sabrina says, “Taking a pilot approach and moving smaller packages of services to the platform each time, has allowed us to familiarise ourselves with the platform and continue to develop the solution through each iteration. Customers, customer service, and service providers have all responded positively to their experience, which is great!” 

Priscilla Short, Deloitte’s Lead Engagement Partner and Deloitte City Services product lead, explains further. “Until the rollout, the field service teams relied on paper-based processing, which meant updates had to be entered by staff, back at the office. Without a central system to unify procedures, processes varied from team to team, making work orders difficult to track and report on. This new solution allows ‘before and after’ photos to be uploaded, which saves time and results in fewer on-site inspections. Now all the teams involved can collaborate more effectively on the task at hand and have a clear view of the entire job with notes and photos.”

With Deloitte City Services, 80 service trucks have been provided with iPads so crews can log in and see their assigned jobs for the day in real time. Images and notes are captured on-site with no re-typing or scanning required.

Real-time dashboards allow teams to see how requests are progressing. And increased efficiencies, data analysis and insight generation have saved precious time for customer relations managers.

Sabrina is very happy with the end result. “Creating a streamlined and user-friendly digital platform has allowed us to reallocate resources into more valuable areas and enhance residents’ overall satisfaction with council. And the intuitive nature of the interface has really supported the adoption by our customers, with 88% saying they would recommend lodging a request through the system. This has been a catalyst for the move to digital for the Council operations team.” 

“This was a dream project for our team – we can see how digital has transformed both employee and residents’ lives by implementing a platform that gives real-time status reports and saves value time.” 
Priscilla Short, Lead Engagement Partner, Deloitte Australia 

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