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Asset Management & Performance

In a changing world, we help asset-intensive businesses harness ingenious solutions to get so much more for less.

It takes more than a maintenance schedule to unlock the full value of your assets. Whether it’s lifting performance, reducing costs or controlling risks, effective asset management can breathe new life into your business with powerful, measurable and sustainable outcomes.

At Deloitte, we help organisations redesign their operating models, deliver capital and transformation programs, and implement cross-industry best practices with a clear mission: to make your assets more productive, more profitable and more capable of empowering a successful business.

Our teams draw from global experience across sectors such as mining, utilities, transport, infrastructure, defence, health and pharmaceuticals. We value strategy, new ideas and delivery excellence in equal measure, helping your business solve its biggest challenges and flourish in the new economy.

Operations Transformation for Asset-Intensive Industries

Our experts deliver transformation strategies and change roadmaps that reimagine your operations, deliver sustainable operational and process efficiencies, and help your capital go further in asset-intensive industries.

Major Capital Project and Program Delivery Excellence

Bringing together cutting-edge technology, innovative thinking, and an understanding that collaboration across hundreds of suppliers is now a BAU requirement for todays capital programs, we drive value across all stages of your project delivery lifecycle, to help you to deliver Intelligent Major Capital Projects.

Digital Asset Information

To help you optimise both your fixed and mobile asset investments across their whole lifecycle, we have designed digital standards and governance processes to enable you to move rapidly to the world of Digital Asset Management. This enables new levels of performance, safety and value for business through the use of data and predictive technologies that draw on existing asset baselines to prevent problems occurring and to steer operator behaviours towards outcomes that maximise safety and yield. This new capability allows us to maximise the value created by individual assets and the whole portfolio.

Specialist Asset Management and Engineering

We help you identify and implement asset reliability and engineering controls, optimised processes and capabilities that improve productivity and efficiency and bring about lasting change for your business. When it comes to analysing the current state and recommending changes that are both practical and implementable, we’re the leaders in the industry.