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Accelerating your transformation journey with cloud

Cloud can deliver value to your people, business operations and clients.

In this series we explore different ways in which cloud can accelerate your transformation journey.

Author: James Allan

At Deloitte we believe a balanced approach - featuring speed, cost controls and quality - is needed to confidently address specific cloud costs and strategy challenges.

Download and read our FinOps white paper to find out how your organisation can benefit from managing cloud costs while thriving in a new IT environment.

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Published August 2022

Authors: Yun Zhi Lin & Brian Ross

In this paper, we’re taking a closer look at application modernisation and why it’s increasingly being discussed in board and senior executive circles, especially in relation to cloud strategies.

Why? Because a modernisation approach can help you reimagine and rearchitect your business and IT functions with an accelerated, efficient and holistic approach to transforming legacy platform-based enterprise applications.

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Published January 2023

Authors: Brad West & James Allan

With organisations increasing investments in cloud technologies and platforms, Procurement functions are faced with the increased complexities of managing cloud spend and maximising value.We believe Procurement and FinOps teams offer complementary skillsets to unlock more value from cloud.

This third Deloitte Cloud paper shows how Procurement and FinOps professionals can work more closely together to develop a better cloud operating strategy, implement the right operating model and ensure optimal cloud consumption.

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Published June 2023

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